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The New Years Resolutions We All Need!

New Years Resolutions are being thrown around left right and centre at the minute and it's all great stuff. Giving up alcohol for a month will really increase your health and eating more fruit will likely make you choose healthier snacks. However none of these sorts of resolutions have longevity; what about the ones that can last all year long with ease AND have a real impact in our daily lives? In this blog I tell you 4 New Years Resolutions that I will be adopting in 2020 and that I really think you should too!

1. Set Aside 15 Minutes A Day For Reflection

15 minutes is enough time to boil and kettle, grab a Vitamin Coffee, sit yourself down and think. That's all I want you to to do - think. Reflection is so important for us to not only to just have some quiet time to ourselves but to think back on things we loved from the current day.

"Your Thoughts And Actions Today, Create Your Reality Tomorrow"

Another great way to use that 15 minutes is to think about what you truly want out of the year. Set some goals or create a vision board and then each day have a glance over the images or words you have put on there! This will mean you are truly visualising everything you want 365 days of the year! Setting goals like this will really help you to progress throughout daily life and will remind you of what you are aiming towards!

Leanne Holder

Being happy, smiley and having a great day is the most important thing! Dress up in a Shirt Dress such as this Black Chain Print Mini Dress and go grab today's goals!

2. Stop Apologising And Be Confident

How many times have you already said sorry this year? If you are anything like me, it will be tons of times! If you are saying sorry because you made a mistake or bumped into someone in a doorway then keep saying it; but if you are saying sorry for being yourself, or for your opinions then why? The realm of social media has meant that we are all scared to either post a certain picture, write a thought provoking caption or to wear a bodysuit incase our followers can see some nipple showing through. I am going to be unapologetically myself this year. I truly think that being the best version of you means ACTUALLY BEING YOU. If you like the way you look, if you like what you are saying and you believe that what you are about to share with the world is an extension of you - THEN GO FOR IT! I used to feel so worried about online space worrying if people would 'take me seriously enough' if I posted fashion posts (I am a business owner and want to be professional) and then it occurred to me; why does what I wear affect my ability to run a good business, make great business relationships or impact my revenue? It doesn't!

So here I am; wearing exactly what I want (a neon bodysuit) and not being sorry one bit!

Leanne Holder

3. Have More Fun

Everything can get a bit serious in the new year. We have partied, socialised and eaten our weight in food. However when you are back to work and back to routine that doesn't mean that you have to stop having fun! Did you enjoy the board games with your family on Boxing Day? Then make a point to play them once a month in a games night! Loved dressing up in a glitter dress and seeing your friends for a meal? Then head out more often and pretend like it is the work Christmas party three times a year! Just because Christmas is an occasion that doesn't mean that you can't make an occasion out of daily life! I vow this year to have way more fun! To pop to the cinema, to visit a new city and to laugh more!

Want some new party dresses for this next year? Head to Femme Luxe Finery and try this Pink Glitter Mini Dress out!

Leanne Holder

4. Move More

So I know in the introduction I said about these goals being more about daily life and longevity so you probably were not expecting an activity based goal - but I want you to think less of this as a fitness goal more of a movement goal. Keeping moving is so important for not only our health but our mind. Moving more not only increases mobility and helps reduce your risk of health conditions but it also gives us a sense of achievement and increases mood! If you are more of a walker than a runner; look at how you can move more around the house! Hoovering, cleaning and walking up the stairs will all help you to move more and if you are heading to the supermarket try to park further away than last time and take the longer walk! Moving more will make you happier with your image and give you more confidence to wear the clothing you want such as jumpsuits! I personally love this Stone Ribbed Jumpsuit as it really clings to your body shape!

Leanne Holder

If you are the type to see fitness as a good way to move more rather than daily tasks, then you may be interested in my new E-Book! It has over 100 pages of need to know information on fitness and nutrition and everything in-between!

So there we have it! 4 New Years Resolutions that we could all do with taking on in 2020! Want to let me know how you are getting on with them? Tag me in a post or DM me on Instagram!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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