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Tips To Enhance Your Personal Brand

Enhancing your personal brand can be instrumental in achieving your professional and personal goals! Here are some tips that I have used so far:

👩‍💻Be authentic: don't copy other people in your industry.. it just doesn't work. People want to see YOU. Uniqueness will get you a long way!

💗Keep your colour palette, visual identity, headshot etc consistent. You want people to recognise you instantly if they spot you on another app. P.s Don't fear the pink, l've had it as my colour for years!

🤓Demonstrate thought leadership: position yourself as an authority in your field by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Create high quality content and offer valuable insights!

🤝Network strategically: attend industry events, join professional organisations, chat to people on social media to build up genuine connections.

🥰Reply to comments and DM’s! People that go out of their way to message you are your core audience. They also will likely become your business customers if you have a brand!

✨Finally, have fun with your content. Remember that what you post personally reflects professionally and visa versa. However business doesn’t always have to be serious.. you can still get into Forbes and be a pink princess (trust me 😉)

With love, leanne xx


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