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Booty Blasting Exercises

It's the most asked question at the moment; how can I make my bum bigger? The only answer I can give you is, HARD WORK! Its not going to happen overnight and in my skinny ass case, not in a year! However, with persistence it will grow.

I have put together my absolute favourite booty blasting routine for you and included general leg exercises also to ensure a nice toned leg! A few of these exercises require gym equipment a few don't so you will be able to pick and choose if you have limited space or equipment.

Top Tip: Do not be afraid to lift heavy. The only way for your bum to grow is to push yourself ladies! If you simply are comfortable, not a lot will happen. Lift heavy, work hard and you WILL see results! Guaranteed!

ALWAYS WARM UP FIRST! Whether that is a quick walk on the treadmill or some glute band exercises please warm up! I'll do a blog on my favourite warm ups soon!

The Routine

Exercise 1: Goblet Squats - These are great with a kettlebell or a dumbbell. All you need to do is hold it in front of you and ensure that your back is straight and knees are over toes!

Goblet Squat

Exercise 2: Donkey Kicks - Either done with a weight or without a weight these are a fab exercise! On all fours or resting against something, lift one leg up to the air with your leg bent! Just make sure you are squeezing the glute the whole time!

Donkey Kick

Exercise 3: Back Squat - Now you are nice and warm head to the squat rack! Rest the bar just below the neck so it is resting on your traps. Wrap your hands around the bar and keep your wrists straight. Squat down keeping your back straight and core tight.

Back Squat

Exercise 4: Leg Extension - Great for building muscle or toning your legs, find the leg extension machine. Set your seat up correctly and off you go! The key to this one is to make sure you are pausing at the top of the rep and squeezing the muscle!

leg extension

Exercise 5: Leg Push on the Assisted Pull Up Machine - A slightly different way to use this machine but it works! Do one leg at a time, push down and slowly lift back up. Just remember to not lock your knees out!

Exercise 6: Hamstring Curl - There are two ways you can do this. Stiff Leg Deadlift or using the Hamstring Curl Machine! With either way just slow the exercise down and really emphasis the part of the movement that pulls the hamstring.

stiff leg deadlift

hamstring curl

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas next time you're heading for a workout! Remember, Warm up... Cool Down... and enjoy! If you want to tag me in any of your Booty Blasting attempts please do.. @liftheavylivehealthyblog


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