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The Best Thing You Can Wear Is A Smile: 5 Tips To Strengthen Your Teeth

I know many of you will be just like me and trying to do everything you can to have perfect pearly whites. After all, doesn’t everyone dream of that perfect smile? Unfortunately, some hacks you might have seen online can weaken your teeth, so here I’ll share five top tips to understand what is enamel, how to strengthen your teeth and achieve the perfect smile.

What is enamel?

Enamel is the important, protective outer layer of our teeth. It is a hard, glossy substance which covers the crown of your tooth and protects the sensitive layers below.

How to strengthen your teeth: 5 top tips for tooth care

When it comes to caring for your teeth there are some super easy steps to follow. I recommend you use these top tips to give you the perfect smile:

1. Always brush thoroughly at least twice a day. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but food is always going to contain acids and more which can damage your teeth if not thoroughly cleaned away. The best time to be brushing your teeth is after meals. For example, instead of waking up to brush, have your breakfast first! You should brush for at least two minutes. If you’re having trouble timing it, set a timer or download an app to help.

  1. Reduce your acidic drink intake. If you want to make sure that your enamel is as strong as possible, you want to try and avoid the acids your chosen drinks contain which can cause damage. Particularly acidic foods and drinks include soft drinks, cordial and fruit juice.

  2. Be careful with sugary foods. Did you know your mouth is full of natural bacteria? It is there to do an important job, however when it comes to sugary foods it can do more harm than good. These bacteria turn sugars to acid, and that acid can damage the enamel protecting your teeth!

  3. Protect your teeth.This includes ensuring that you only use them for chewing (so no opening bottles or cracking nuts with them!) and making sure you always wear a mouth guard and/or helmet if playing sports.

  4. Always book a dentist appointment. No matter how careful you are with your oral care routine, it is important that you always book regular appointments to see your dentist. They can check for any damage, and help you fix any issues before they become painful or cause bigger problems.

With my five top tips and the explanation of what is enamel you now have everything you need to not only look after your pearly whites but keep them looking their best!

With Love

Leanne xx

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