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An Interview With: Chris Ingram

Chris Ingram

As a Motorsport Fitness and Nutrition Coach and owner of Torque Human Performance, I am often working with drivers that race around the usual UK circuits. The BTCC and British GT weekends are my territory and often are the forms of motorsport that I talk about on here. I decided that it was time to let you guys hear about other drivers, and other motorsport events, so I decided to interview Chris Ingram.

Chris Ingram, aged 23, is a professional Rally Driver, and a very good one! He's the European Rally Champion Under 27 and its clear how he got that title, his driving is incredible! Just have a look at his driving in this incredible clip below!

Chris Ingram Rally

So you've seen his driving skills, now have a read of my interview with him!

1. We know you are a Rally Driver, but what are your racing goals currently?

I am a very ambitious driver and person and I have always had some pretty huge goals, but somehow I have managed to tick most of them off the list so far! These include becoming Under 27 European Champion last year.

My next goal, is to become the overall European Rally Champion which would be a massive win at my age and would give me the chance to move to the World Championship. My ultimate ambition and dream is to become World Rally Champion and have a long and successful career giving rally the boost it needs as a sport in the UK and in the media.

2. What is your all time favourite car and why?

My dream road car would be a blacked out Lamborghini Aventador S and my all time favourite rally car is probably the Subaru S12 Impreza WRC.

3. How would you describe your fashion style?

I love an 11 Degrees tracksuit, but I can dress smart too! I wear a lot of black. I like anything from sportswear to sharp suits, dark denim or leather jackets on a night out. Definitely not into country attire/bright colours!

4. You must travel a lot, do you have any travel essentials?

Around 20-25 trips per season! But I love every minute of travelling. I like to spend an extra day or so whenever I go to race somewhere to see the sights and embrace the local culture. I am very lucky to get to go to some pretty spectacular and interesting locations, my favourite rally destinations so far probably being the Azores Islands and Rome. I take my gym gear everywhere and a tennis ball to roll over my back muscles.

5. To be a rally driver, I know how much you must have to keep on top of your physique, so how do you keep fit when travelling a lot?

It is very difficult, I usually lose a lot of weight when I am racing because there isn't the time or opportunity to get enough food in when you are racing almost non-stop over three days.

6. What would you say is the best exercise that you think aspiring drivers should be doing now?

I would say focusing more so on core, back and shoulder exercises for rallying. For tarmac rallying and circuit training, neck exercises are very important too. I have to admit I am definitely more top heavy but that suits my sport, It's easy to press the accelerator.

7. Finally, how can people follow your racing progress?

You can follow me on all the social media channels below. We are fighting for the European Rally Championship title this year against some of the best rally drivers worldwide and I am also planning to post more about my training soon too!

Chris Ingram Rally

I hope you all enjoyed the interview, make sure you go follow Chris on social media!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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