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Raw Gorilla - The Perfect Natural Breakfast

I recently got to try a variety of Raw Gorilla cereals. The company create amazing tasting foods, that are not processed or refined and are totally organic ingredients! The ingredients are 100% raw and are totally gluten and dairy free. The contents are dehydrated at a controlled temperature which ensures that the peak enzyme content is maintained!

I was really excited to give these a go as I have yet to find a cereal that I really love the taste of and that is organic and good for me! On first look, the branding looks amazing. The boxes are colourful, fun and they make you want to read what is on the packaging! Each of the boxes I received had a different colour and these made them stand out, rather than just the names being different! Each type of cereal had a catchy name and this fitted in well with the theme of the boxes. The ingredients were all very well labelled and it was great to have a little description of what the ingredients actually are as some of them I had never heard of!

The first box that I tried was the Cacao Crunchies. These consist of; Cacao nibs, Raw coconut, Sunflower seeds, Cashew nuts, Dates and Buckwheat seeds. On first taste I straight away could taste a chocolatey taste and then the flavour of coconut came through. There was a nutty taste to them also which really complemented the other flavours I could taste. What I really liked about these, is that you can really taste the ingredients and can tell what is in them without having to read the ingredients! I have not come across a breakfast that tastes so natural and raw before! Another amazing fact is that there is 15.24g of protein per 100g serving!

Next up for the taste test was the Rawberry Crispies flavour. I love the name and immediately hoped that it had strawberries in! The red packaging went perfectly with the name and indeed they had yummy strawberries in them! Other ingredients included Pecan nuts, Sunflower seeds, Lucuma and Buckwheat seeds. With an amazing 12% protein in them I really hoped they tasted as good as they looked! They absolutely did. The strawberry taste was strong and was powerful in each bite and alongside the nutty undertones there was a delicious taste of strawberries and cream. These were so sweet and yummy and not what you would expect from a natural, raw and organic breakfast.

Original Crispies were the next to be tried, and I was pleased to see another whopping 12% protein. This unprocessed, unrefined breakfast is packaged in a gorgeous pink box that boasts some amazing ingredients; Tigernuts, Maca, Figs, Sunflower seeds and Buckwheat seeds. These were less fruity and had a dryer texture to the others that I tried, but they had an amazing seedy taste to them. The natural seedy taste was really complimentary to coconut milk when added and the combination became very flavoursome. I noticed in the ingredients that there is also raisins and coconut blossom nectar which perhaps is why it complimented the coconut milk I tried them with.

Next, I had a bowl of Raw Gorilla's Mighty Muesli. Muesli is not something that I normally eat for breakfast so I was looking forward to trying this out. This is described as a great Keto breakfast with 20% protein (naturally occurring) and so felt that if this tasted great it could be a fab breakfast for the Keto diet. The ingredients were; Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, Coconut, Cashew nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Cacao nibs and Chia. As you can imagine, with a lot of seeds in, it had a nice earthy taste to it and the coconut flakes gave it more of a chewy texture rather than a sloppy one that I have experienced with muesli in the past. I am a massive fan of this taste and you can really taste the different ingredients.

Finally I had a try of the Cacao Crispies, which were very similar tasting to the Cacao Crunchies however they were slightly lighter to crunch. The consistency was flakier, with less larger pieces and so this was a really nice light alternative. The ingredients were; Raw cacao, Raw coconut, Lucuma, Almonds and Buckwheat seeds. The taste was really nice and chocolatey and it felt more like a treat than it did a breakfast meal! I really enjoyed these alone without any milk and found that I would definitely eat these as a snack during the day if I wanted that chocolate fix. I think these were my favourite out of the boxes that I tried, perhaps due to the lighter texture.

All in all, I really enjoyed all of the flavours. Each box I tasted had a very different taste and usually had a very obvious and significant, powerful ingredient that gave an amazing undertone of flavour. I adore the fact that these taste so great but are also so natural and organic, it makes me feel great about eating them!

If you would love to try some Raw Gorilla products then head to the website;

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With love,

Leanne xx

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