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Shakesphere - A Revolutionary Protein Shaker

As a personal trainer and fitness blogger, I am always having protein shakes, literally daily. Anyone else that has protein shakes will be aware of a few common problems with a protein shaker.

Firstly, they always leak - like always. Whether it is just a little bit of water down the sides after you have washed it out, or bits of sticky protein water fly out as you shake it, they always seem to find a way to leak.

Secondly, I often forget to take the mixing ball or mixing mesh with me, so end up with a bottle, that doesn't mix my protein. With the mesh still sat in my draw at home, my protein is lumpy and gross.

Lastly, my protein powder ALWAYS gets stuck at the bottom of my shaker. No matter how hard I shake there is always lumps at the bottom meaning that I lose out on a fair amount of powder from each shake, and that's simply money and gains down the drain!

I saw the Shakesphere and felt that this could be the perfect bottle for me. Kindly they sent me one of their awesome Shakesphere Max shakers to try out in my favourite colour, as well as a perfectly fitting vest! So what makes Shakesphere any different to any other company on the market? Well a lot actually. They have a completely one off USP and there is no one like them at all. This shaker is revolutionary and has completely changed the way that I drink my shakes. I've tried soooo many different shaker bottles and they all have the common problems I mentioned above. The Shakesphere has been created to solve all of them!

As you will see from the packaging the shaker comes in, it is well protected when being delivered, but not only that but it gives great detail into the features of the Shakesphere. Here are some of the amazing features;

Slide Cap

So this is great as it allows you to get to your drink quickly, but doesn't flick back in your face like tons of other protein shakers caps do! It has a silicone seal that makes the shaker 100% leak proof! There is also a little hook next to the cap which I have found useful to attach my keys too, or just to pick it up quickly.

Round Base and Lid

This is without a doubt the best feature of the shaker. The whole shaker inside is rounded (hemisphere shaped), so that there are no corners. It means that supplements and even soft fruits get broken down when you shake them, powders can not get clogged in the corners and it doesn't even require a mixing mesh or ball! Centrifugal force pushes the mixture around the capsule and intertia breaks down the powdered mix. It means that you can't forget any of the parts like I mentioned above and plus it makes it so much easier to clean! I have never yet had a protein shaker that hasn't left some powder stuck to the bottom until now!

Tritan Plastic

Tritan plastic is apparently the leading plastic on the market. Not only that but it is BPA free, dishwasher safe and even freezer safe. This allows you to freeze your fruits in the bottle, then take them out the morning you want to use them to keep them fresh and not have to do two amounts of washing up!

Base Storage

There is an amazing storage compartment at the bottom that simply screws of and holds 50g worth of snacks or protein powder. This means that you can put your protein powder in the bottom, use it as a normal water bottle throughout the day, then add your powder to it when your ready to have your protein shake! It saves you carrying two bottles around with you! When the base is unscrewed, the shaker bottle is totally free standing so you can remove it whenever you want.

As you can see from the above images, the Shakesphere is an attractive looking shaker bottle and is available in a variety of colours and sizes! I am overwhelmed at how amazing this product is and the way that it really does mix my protein shake whilst solving all of the annoying problems that I seem to get with shakers normally.

If you want to get hold of one for yourself or you want anything else on the website, make sure you use the discount code LEANNE10 so that you can get it a little cheaper!

Check out their website and socials here;

With Love,

Leanne xx

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