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Book Review: How To Fall In Love By Cecelia Ahern

how to fall in love

When you read a book in few days, refuse to put it down and feel so invested in a set of characters that you laugh out loud and feel sadness from their dialogue, you know your onto a good book. Cecelia Ahern books all have this affect on me. Her writing is always outstanding and 'How to Fall in Love' was no exception.

The book throws you straight into action where you feel submerged into the main female characters viewpoint. Christina Rose immediately is a character that feels out of her depth in situations and you can relate to her throughout the entire novel. A cross between action, heartbreak, hope and love.. the book twists and turns and leaves you hoping for a romantic and heart-warming happy ending between the two main characters.

The book itself is told through Christina's viewpoint and focus's around her saving the life of Adam - a total stranger and one she comes across whilst he is about to throw himself off a bridge! She manages to talk him into a deal that in two weeks she will prove to him that his life is worth living and that by his 35th birthday all will be okay. With time ticking on and his birthday getting nearer, she is fully aware that on that night - he has every possibility of taking his own life if she fails. Knowing that she is up against the impossible, Christina embarks on a fun, and romantic journey with Adam to persuade him to stay alive.

The book left me on the edge of my seat, with a will she succeed or won't she succeed excitement, and consequently made me wish for Adam to stay alive. Cecelia's ability to form characters that make you feel like you are living the story with them is remarkable and I felt like I know everything about each person's life.

The book is so amazing. It is one that I would recommend to anyone that wants a great read and a gripping tale.

Anyone have any amazing book recommendations that you feel I would like? Comment below or send me a message!

With Love,

Leanne xx

how to fall in love

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