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Christmas Gift Guide 2017

So Halloween is over and it is time to start thinking about Christmas! I can't believe how fast it has come around! Decorations are all in the shops now and things are starting to feel festive!

Christmas shopping can be such a pain and I know myself how hard it is to find things for people, so I've done the hard work and put together some awesome gift ideas! I hope this saves you some time!

1. Tooth Whitening Paste

Dr Richard Marques

This is something that I have tried and adore! It's by Dr Richard J Marques one of the Uk's leading celebrity dentists and is 100% natural even though it is super strong! The paste contains calcium carbonate and silica as well as natural peppermint oil, so it tastes really good! I've been really impressed with the results myself and think this would be the perfect gift!

It retails at £19 however you can buy a bundle with it in too! Head to the link below to purchase!

2. BecauseRacecarBox Subscription or One-off Box


This the perfect gift for someone who love's their car, or who has a really dirty car and you think they need a helping hand!! The concept is a box filled with detailing samples and car accessories delivered to your door. The box features some of the best brands in the industry and the best part is that the products change each month so if you are a subscriber you will never get the same product twice!

You can either subscribe with a monthly direct debit of £16.99 or you can pay for a one-off box and either use it as a trial to see if you like the box, or you can give it as a gift - perfect for Christmas!

Head to the website now to purchase!

3. Yogamatters Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat is hard to find especially one that is non-slip! It wears in and gives a slip-free yoga session or use it for simple exercises such as planks and ab-crunches! There is a great variety of colours to choose from so you can find one to suit your personality and if you need a bag or elastic straps for it, their online shop sells it all!

The mat is 4.5mm thickness which means it cushions the back, bottom or knee's well but is also thin enough to roll up and carry around easily! At £17 they are a good price as far as yoga mats go!

4. Anatomicals World Pore 3 Strips


These are so great! They are the perfect stocking filler! These deep cleansing nose, chin and forehead strips are great for positioning wherever you feel you have excess blackheads! They are so easy to use, you just wet the area you want to stick a strip to, peel of the backing and put it down. Then wait for about 10 mins or until its dried (gone solid) and pull it off! You will be able to see all the black heads that it pulls out. I personally find these amazing on my nose! They are only £7 from asos!

5. Mouthy By Megan - Dimples and Sand

Mouthy By Megan

My all time favourite colour combination is dimples and sand! The lip liner glides on so easily and the lip pen is like a paint brush and creates a matte finish! It's like liquid velvet on your lips! The colour leaves a cross between a nude and a light pink finish! The colour will dry so quickly so it doesn't smudge and it does last ages! I would definitely recommend the two combined as they work so well together! Another great fact is that its cruelty free and does not test on animals!

6. MH Woodland Rustic Wood Christmas Decorations

MH Woodland

The cutest Christmas decorations ever and they are handmade!!! These reindeer decorations are handmade from a woodland in Pembrokeshire Wales. They are then detailed with a pyrography tool to get the burnt effect! Teamed with a bright red nose and red string to add a festive streak, these are perfect to hang on your tree, door, walls or to have on the table on the big day! Measuring approximately 5-6cm in diameter and about 1 cm thick, these are totally unique! The company also sell so much personalised wooden stuff for weddings or restaurants or just your table at home, so make sure you check out their main website

7. Kind Snacks UK Bars

Kind Snacks

These again are either great for stocking fillers or as a gift for the health conscious food lover! There is such a wide variety of flavours and they all taste great... trust me I've tried them! I personally love the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt one! They are gluten free and dairy free and packed full of nuts! With honey to bind them together they are sweet but they are far better for you than a chocolate bar and you can get your sweet fix!

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