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The Most Expensive Toy Car In The World... And I Sat In It!

Most expensive toy car in the world

When you think of toy cars, you probably think of tiny models of a supercar or a rally car that are scalextric sized! What about a toy car that was one of three made, brought from new in Harrods for £35,000 and now worth a whopping £75,000!

Well I had the pleasure of seeing this and not only that I got to sit in the most expensive toy car in the world!

So what on earth is it and why is it so expensive? Well its a Ferrari Testarossa Spider that is a half size replica of the original 1980's supercar. It was build exclusively for Harrods 30 years ago and now it sits in the showroom of owner Howard Watts' garage in Suffolk! It sits amongst many extremely rare cars including a signed Porsche 911 by Magnus Walker! The replica car is fully working with a fibreglass body with working doors, boot and bonnet and an impressive petrol engine with 25bhp! It has pop-up headlights, a full speedo, rev counter, leather seats and an official Ferrari steering wheel. It really is something of beauty.

It's not just this amazing rarity that is at Howard Watt's garage, there are tons of classics in his showroom! He has a load of amazing Porsche's and Jaguars worth silly amounts of money! I will be doing a few video's and write ups about some of the amazing things he has soon!

Have a look at my video of the garage and me in this crazy toy car! Subscribe and share and stay tuned for more!

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