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Mouth-watering Hibiscus Drinks - Chosan by nature

Chosan Drinks

As you guys know already I am a sucker for something that tastes good and isn't packed full of sugar! Chosan drinks are my new favourite! These drinks are 100% Organic, and low in both calories and in sugar - absolutely no preservatives, artificial additives or colourings in them!

So surely they must taste awful right? WRONG! I was dubious about the fact that they were names a hibiscus drink as I thought they would taste 'earthy' and not very flavoursome but they are seriously really nice! My absolute favourite is the Refreshing Mint flavour. What I love about them is that they taste like a treat but are not as bad for you as other drinks that are available. There could also be said to be some benefits to drinking them, such as the fact that peppermint and ginger aid digestion - so that's two of their flavours being a great after dinner drink! The flavours are distinct but not overwhelming so extremely easy to drink!

Over all I am impressed. The packaging is colourful, fun and stands out, so you don't have to have a boring see-through bottle! They taste great, are not packed full of additives, and contain a different ingredient to most drinks you find in a vending machine!

If you want to try them for yourself, follow the links below!

Chosan Drinks

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