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What Should You Have In Your Gym Bag?

What to have in your gym bag is a fab question and of course the answer will be different for everyone. However I have a few must have's to go in it that I wanted to share with you! These are particularly perfect if you head straight to the gym before or after work and need a freshen up!

1. A gym towel - Perfect for either wiping down the machines, or for your own forehead when your sweating.

2. A Cap - When you have greasy hair and know the gym session is only going to make it worse!

3. A notepad and pen - This one is from Coconut Lane and is perfect to record your weights and personal bests! Get 20% their site with code LIVEHEALTHY20

4. Headphones - Amazing for if your feeling a little self conscious! Just channel your inner Beyoncé and go for it!

5. A pair of trainer socks - In case you weren't wearing any socks to work, you've got a fresh pair just in case!

6. Hand sanitizer - THIS IS A MUST HAVE. If you are anything like me you get totally grossed out by how dirty gyms can be. I used to clean one when I was a PT at one, and trust me, daily they get gross!

7. Dry Shampoo - If your hair isn't greasy enough for a cap, but is greasy enough that you can't bear to head back to the office. A few sprays of this will save you!

8. A face mist - This will just freshen up your face a little, make you feel less sweaty and more refreshed! Everyone will notice your glow!

9. Deodorant - We want to avoid any unwanted smells in the gym so deodorant is a must!

10. Teeth Whitener - Just in case you get 5 minutes in the changing rooms after your session, why not make time for your teeth! Try the Coconut Pulling Oil from Pro Teeth Whitening

11. Face Wipes - Essential for getting any sweat of your face and avoiding those nasty spots.

Is there anything that you have in your bag, that I have not mentioned? Let me know!

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