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Sleep Better With Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been around since the ancient times, yet I have not tried them until now! I've heard of them a lot especially in terms of helping with sleep but it's not something that I have experienced or tried.

The idea of being able to relax, heal and stay healthy from the drop of an oil, whilst not spending a lot of money seems to be a win win and something that everyone should experience! Working with athletes I know that sleep is so important when training and competing and recovering is essential to performance. Being able to recommend a more holistic therapy to the elite sporting talent I work with is fantastic, plus I get to relax with them too!

I discovered Buff & Butter in my quest to relax more via aromatherapy, and am delighted at what I've been able to find! For a small cost, you can have a massive 10ml bottle that will last you ages! The oils themselves can be used in a variety of ways, from adding them to a bath, to creating your own blends to have a relaxing massage with!

Lavender has been proven to aid sleep and reduce anxiety by activating receptors in the brain and has quickly become my go to oil! I've experimented with using it in a few different ways; firstly adding 3 drops of it into my bath. This made the steam and the whole room smell so flowery! The best way I have found it helped my sleep is through mixing it with water in a spray bottle and then spritzing a small amount on my pillow before bed!

The lavender oil I have been using is Buff & Butter Lavender Essential Oil. Click Here to purchase it yourself!

Peppermint oil I didn't even realise had so many benefits! I understood that mint is great for sinus relief and using it in a steaming bowl of water with a tea-towel over your head gets rid of a blocked nose, but I was shocked to understand that it has way more health benefits that a lot of people could benefit from! Peppermint oil is proven to relieve pain, and is useful when you are unwell. It's said to help headaches, muscle pains and even nausea! Suffering from lots of illness's and pain daily myself this has become one of my daily treatments in managing pain. Using a few drops with a carrier oil like almond oil and then massaging it into where you have pain or aches, is a great way to soothe! Equally, like lavender oil, adding a few drops to a bath creates a fantastic smell and I would certainly advise this if you have a cold or flu!

The peppermint oil from Buff & Butter that I love is the Peppermint Essential Oil. Click Here to purchase it!

If you are yet to try essential oils, give them a go! For a few pounds you can have a bottle that will last ages! Plus if you are unsure which one to go for check out Buff & Butter as they list all the benefits alongside the oil choices!

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