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Building A Bum

Building a round and full bum seems to be a huge want for females and one of the main reasons that they decide to join a gym or even to exercise! Whether this is media influenced (and I believe it to be) or whether we feel the pressures from men to look a certain way, we all seem to want one!

I used to have the flattest bum there could be, and I wanted to build a bum like everyone else. My reasons were so that I looked fuller overall, so I wasn't focused on just my bum but on everywhere else too!

It took me time, a lot of time. But I got there! I'm still striving for a better one, but I have my key exercises that I find useful so I thought I would share them with you!

Here is a photo of me before training and then about two years in!

Here are my top exercises for building that bum:

1: Squat - now personally I prefer a goblet squat (this is with a dumbbell or a kettlebell rather than a barbell on my back). This is a better position for my knees to avoid any pain! Here I squat with my feet far apart and facing outwards!

2: Lunges - These are great in a row if there is space or on the spot! Just alternate legs each time and ensure that you are keeping your knees over your toes and staying at 90 degrees!

3: Leg lift/kickback - This is such a simple exercise, all you do is go on all fours, keeping your core tight and push one leg back and up into the air. Bring it back in and repeat! I often keep a pulse at the top to leave the glute under tension for longer!

4: Squat with a side lift - This is a great one to tone the inner leg too! Without any weight and your hands in front of you, squat down and on the way up lift one leg out the side!

5: Squat jumps - An explosive squat jump is a great exercise to get your legs fired up! To make it more fun play hopscotch!

Have a look at my youtube video to see the exercises in action!

Read more about my gym routine here: BLOG

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