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Workwear Wardrobe With A Difference

Women's workwear is a minefield full of different styles, pieces and colours and quite frankly I am at a total loss with it! After shopping around tirelessly for blouses that are not see-through, trousers that don't look too much like a suit and dresses that are not too revealing I think I have finally found some key pieces that make the perfect workwear wardrobe!

First up is the absolute key piece in the wardrobe; the little black dress. This is the perfect day to night outfit that you can style up with some statement jewellery or simply pair with a handbag to head to a meeting. Black dresses are so iconic and make adding colourful accessories so much fun! This dress from Femme Luxe Finery clings so well to the body and feels so soft!

Leanne Holder - Little Black Dress

Next up is a statement pair of trousers. I always find a patterned pair of trousers work great with any type of top - so why not wear a statement top with it too! My Body My Business is such an iconic statement and an epic slogan to wear at all times of the day to work. The T-shirt from Effortless Clothing is just one of the many awesome slogan tee's that will be paired perfectly with these trousers!

Leanne Holder - Tartan Trousers

Women in red dresses look bold, powerful and confident always right? So why not join them and wear one yourself. This Red One Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress oozes authority and is the new addition to your workwear wardrobe that you didn't even know you needed. With its ruched sides it draws in your body making a slinky silhouette that is perfect for that office strut of yours. Pair with a bold lip or a statement pair of heels and you have yourself the perfect workwear outfit.

Leanne Holder - Red Dress

Finally, a checked pair of trousers to look effortlessly glam. Their soft feel makes them easy to wear and to walk around in and the perfect option if you are planning to be sat around for hours at the desk - they won't dig in! The belt loops mean you can pair the outfit with your favourite belt and a cosy knitted jumper on top will look the part!

Leanne Holder - Checked Trousers

So there you have it; workwear wardrobe with a difference - who said it all needs to be suits!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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