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3 Ways To Improve Your Personal Branding

Personal Branding in this day and age is, in my eyes, essential for business owners if they want to create more revenue, and open up doors for press. Before even starting any online product based business's I started a blog and I then used my Instagram alongside this. By building followers and readers, I’ve gained a personal audience that engage with what I talk about, that ask me where I buy things from and listen to my opinions. Not only now does that mean that I get paid from other companies to post about their product/or get free items which brings in extra money under my own personal brand – it now means that I can tell my followers all about the products that my business’s sell and they will likely head to the websites and purchase.

Personal branding is a really good way to let your customers know about YOU the business owner. This often means that they feel a personal relationship with you, feel like they are supporting you as a person and once they know that you are an expert in your field – they will trust your products.

So how can you use personal branding to bring in extra income and build a following of customers that trust you, want to know about you and your products and eventually want to support you and purchase?

Firstly you have to think of yourself as a BRAND. The same way you do your business you need to concentrate on your image.

1. Stick to themes in your posts. If you can stick to similar shades or using a pre-set on your images for Instagram it creates a good looking layout. In stories, sticking to a theme such as using similar colours and styling to write your text will make you instantly recognisable even if your face is not in the image.

Leanne Holder - Femme Luxe Finery

2. Create valuable content. If you are writing pointless content then why would people want to follow you? You need to be providing good content that gives value. What can people learn from you when they read your posts, Can they learn from your wisdom or expertise? If you keep adding valuable content then people will keep coming back to your profile!

Leanne Holder - Femme Luxe Finery

3. Be professional. Make your posts and images professional, high quality and a reflection of you and your businesses.

Leanne Holder - Femme Luxe Finery

A Word Of Warning:

Getting brand collaborations are great – you can get free clothing and food and even get paid to post a photo on Instagram; and this is a great extra earner. However you have to remember to ensure that the ‘free product’ or the paid promotion is in line with your business, goals and professional brand. Take clothing as an example – showing your outfits is absolutely fine. But if you are asked to promote a t-shirt that has swear words all over the front then is it really worth the money if it is going to damage your professional look? This could lose you followers, clients/business. So always think about the wider picture and make sure that you are not thinking just about the money and are thinking about your audience and their needs.

I hope this has helped you to improve your personal branding!

I Also Have Big News!!!

I have launched a Podcast! It's called 'The Success Chat' and you can find it on the links below.

With Love,

Leanne xx


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