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Vitamins + Coffee = Genius

Vitamin Coffee

If you are anything like myself and probably like all bloggers, you love a good mug of coffee and find it an essential to get you through the day! It's what keeps us alert, on the ball, wakes us up and we can't function without it right?!

I nearly always have a mug of coffee first thing in the morning, and while its brewing I head to my supplement cupboard (yes I have a whole cupboard!) and grab my Vitamin C tablet, Vitamin D tablet and Iron tablet. These are the main vitamins I take other than Zinc and Magnesium before bed! I imagine most follow a similar routine to myself, whether it is one single multi-vitamin or a multitude of tablets to ensure they are rattling before they have their first feed of the day!

With these two morning rituals being so apparent in daily lives of the majority of us, I was so excited when I saw Vitamin Coffee! This is the genius blend of all the daily vitamins you could possibly need, and an amazing blend of coffee combined all in one cup! What's better is that you can completely personalise it to your lifestyle and choices plus the bag is personalised also! It's a game changer for sure!

Here is the amazing amount of vitamins in my personalised blend;

Vitamin Coffee

As you can see, there are so many vitamins packed in there and hitting nearly all of your recommended values just in your one cup of coffee!

I'm really impressed with the product, not only is the packaging awesome but the coffee is suitable for vegetarians and its gluten, dairy and lactose free, so if you avoid any of those your safe! The coffee tastes so nice, and is really smooth which is super important to a crazy coffee lover like me!

So where can you get Vitamin Coffee from?! Well you'll have to hold on a tiny bit as its not for public sale just yet, but it will be soon! If you head to the website you can register your interest so you will be notified when it is ready!

Plus you can follow their social media accounts for tons of updates and Coffee related posts!

Twitter: @VitCoffee

Instagram: @vitcoffee

Facebook: @vitcoffee

Vitamin Coffee


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