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Turn Up The Heat With Superdrug

Talking about sex and masturbation has always been a taboo subject and yet we all do it! I'm always up for open and honest conversation and I really think this shouldn't be a hidden away topic. It's normal, not embarrassing and healthy! I'm working with superdrug to show you some of the products available online and in store for you this Valentines Day!

The season of love has arrived and so have Superdrug’s sex health essentials – whether it’s the love of your life, just a winter fling or a date with yourself; if you want to get hot and steamy this Valentines, Superdrug’s got you covered!

Sex Essentials

So what products have they got? Take a look below!!

1. Strawberry Lube 75ml

Who doesn’t like strawberry? Superdrug’s sexiest and tastiest lube is non-greasy, non-sticky and non-staining for stimulating fun and greater lubrication.

Strawberry Lube

2. 2 in 1 Massage Gel 200ml

Play sexy and a little naughty this St Valentines with Superdrug’s 2 in 1 Massage Gel! You can either use it on your own or with your partner(s), as a massage gel or an intimate lube.

Massage Gel

3. Ultra Thin Condoms - 12 pack

Stay safe this Valentines! Maximise love by maximising sensitivity! Thinner than standard condoms, Superdrug’s Extra Thin Condoms offers a real feeling for greater intimacy.

Ultra Thin Condoms

4. WooWoo Bliss Arousal Oil - 30ml

Pressure to have perfect Valentine’s Day sex? Superdrug have got you covered! Woowoo’s Bliss Arousal Oil is a luxurious CBD and Aloe Vera based intimate massage oil for those who wonder how heaven feels like.

Arousal Oil

5. Passionate Bullet

No matter if you’re a sex toy expert, or just curious to try something new, Superdrug’s powerful but discrete personal intimate massager will make the difference this St Valentines day.

Passionate Bullet

6. WooWoo Arousal Lube - 50ml

This gorgeous scented, arousal boosting lube contains Damiana, a mexican herbal aphrodisiac for the perfect night in. It’s Water based, so safe for use with condoms.

Arousal Lube

So there we have it - a selection of products for this Valentines Day - available at your local superdrug and online!

Remember - Sex is normal, let's talk about it and not be embarrassed!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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