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Top Tips For Bloggers

Top tips for bloggers

So your thinking about starting a blog, you know what you like talking about, who your target audience is and your ready to go. I've written a few tips for you that I have learnt so far from blogging and that I could have done with when I started!

1. Be flexible with your topics - To start with you will have your focus aka. fitness. But this will probably change as you develop and grow as a blogger. You will find enjoyment from writing about other stuff and find your readers do to! Be flexible, try out a few different topics and don't worry if your not sure of your area yet! In my eyes, the more you write about the more variety of audience you will get!

2. Be prepared to work hard - By this I mean sending a zillion emails, sending your media pack to any company you can find, and by getting rejected tons of times. You need to put effort into what you take photographs off, your captions and who's photos you like on Instagram. It is however rewarding, if your not getting paid to post yet its fine as with hard work you will be sent products on a gifting basis, by this I mean free products in return for a review and posts. Don't take advantage of this, do your part and follow through with what you have said you will as the company has put a lot of trust in you! I've had some amazing products and always do my best to give them a return!

3. You will get criticism, roll with it - This can come in many forms. It may be that someone doesn't like what you post, or doesn't understand the purpose of what you are doing. They don't have too. It's for you, you write for you, you post for you. If you want to be a successful blogger your going to have to bypass other people opinions to be successful and in all honesty that applies to being successful in life in general. Just be you, don't let others influence what you do or how you do it. Use it to fuel your blogs, write about it.

4. Have Patience - It takes time to build up a following, and you have to be patient with it. Unfortunately you don't get followers pile on overnight and although this can be disheartening as you feel like no one is reading/watching/liking your content it doesn't matter. They will eventually and the more you can add content to your blog, the more likely people will eventually come across it! Keep writing for your own enjoyment, and if someone likes it, it's is a bonus!

5. Take photos of the raw you - Taking photos of you in all sorts of aspects allows readers and viewers to see you in different lights and therefore they form a relationship with you. They can relate to you better and feel that they know you better. This means they are more likely to like what you post, interact with you and listen to your opinion. A great way of doing this is to see your blog/social media as a portfolio. Post photos of you wearing different outfits, take risks. Companies will see all the different sides of you and are likely to pick you for their campaigns if they have already seen you wearing or using a similar product. An underwear company wont pay you to post stuff in their new collection if you've never posted in anything similar before. So you have immediately cut down your chances in that industry.

6. Be Organised - This is probably the most important point. Have a journal, have a diary, make lists. It is important if you have promised a company a review within two weeks, to stick to that and although life can get busy and there have been so many times that I have had too many products in one go and been over run with posts, you need to find a system that works for you. My way of working is to keep a notebook and plan weekly my posts. That way I can't forget something and I always have content!

Hopefully these tips have been useful to you, please share any of your own if you have some!


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