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My Daily Supplements - Battle Ready Fuel

Supplements are often seen as a bodybuilders best friend and only present within a dedicated gym goers lifestyle. I'm here to tell you that there is a place in everyones life for the right supplements to enhance not only the body but your mind too! I've been taking supplements now for 8 years and within those years my goals have totally changed. I've taken them for many reasons from putting on muscle mass and enhancing strength, to supporting my health and increasing my focus.

Battle Ready Fuel

As someone with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning and a background in training elite professional athletes I know the importance of supplements in the lives of those within the sport world. However there is so much value of the right supplements being present in anyone's lives whether you work in an office, or you are out on a construction site!

This blog post will explain what supplements I use and why, and will tell you how you can use them to fit into your lifestyle! All the supplements I use are from Battle Ready Fuel; a company from the stars of SAS: Who Dares Wins that put an emphasis on aligning both the body and the mind with nutrition... something I strongly agree with!

Battle Ready Fuel

Protein is made up of essential amino acids that fulfill many bodily functions, ranging from hormone production and helping transport substances in the blood, to aiding the growth and repair of your muscles. Tiny muscle fibres are torn when you exercise and in order to repair and to become bigger and stronger – these fibres require a steady stream of these amino acids to fuel the process.

Protein Powder is a really easy and quick way to get the necessary protein into your body. Battle Ready Fuel Whey Powder is 90% Whey Isolate meaning it is pure, high in protein and low in carbs, sugars and fats! I personally use the Triple Chocolate Flavour and mix it with Coconut Milk/Drink and it is genuinely the best tasting protein powder I have ever tried (and believe me I've tested them all)!

Protein is required post training and should ideally be taken within 20 minutes of finishing your exercise.

Battle Ready Fuel

Repairing the body is so essential for progress. When tearing around in the gym, sleep is going to be such an important factor in how hard you can push your body in the following days. The Sleep Aid supplement from Battle Ready Fuel is a combination of 3 key ingredients that will support your body and your mind.

Magnesium plays a key role in helping our bodies relax and sleep deeply. Not only that but it also helps with keeping electrolytes balanced whilst supporting your nervous system and improving your bodies use of protein properly.

Calcium improves the bodies melatonin production and will regulate your sleep cycle. It does this by fuelling your body to make use of Tryptophan which is an amino acid used during melatonin production.

Vitamin D is essential for building new muscle tissue and keeps your immune system strong. It's created by the body when we are exposed to sunlight, however unfortunately this is a difficult ask especially with the weather in the Uk and work commitments!

Want to have a great nights sleep? Give Sleep Aid a go!

Battle Ready Fuel

Protein bars are not only a fantastic snack but they are also a great way to keep your protein levels topped up whilst on the go. Whether you keep one in your gym bag, handbag, glove box or cupboard they are a delicious alternative to a cereal bar that will provide you with a whopping 24g of protein!

Wondering if the yummy flavours are going to be full of sugar? They're not!! They are actually really low in sugar with less than 2g in every bar meaning they will make a very positive contribution to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

My favourite flavour is salted caramel but all the Protein Bars are amazing!

Battle Ready Fuel

Nootropics are, in my eyes, one of the least known about supplements in the fitness industry and I think this is mainly down to its primary effect on the mind rather than the body. Nootropics however are actually a really valuable addition to daily life! They have the ability to enhance your memory and ability to learn whilst also helping you to function under disruptive conditions and boost communication between different parts of the brain.

So why have you never heard of nootropics? Well the concept of them has been around since the 1960's however in recent decades they have become a little more advanced. Battle Ready Fuel Nootropics Stack contains 7 safe and natural ingredients to sharpen your mind and focus including; Cats Claw, Oat Straw, Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine and Huperzine A.

Battle Ready Fuel

So there we have it; my 4 favourite supplements that I take each day from Battle Ready Fuel. I swear by these and would only ever recommend something I truly believed in.

Want to purchase? Use code LEANNE10 for 10% off your order here:

With Love,

Leanne xx


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