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I'm Competing In Formula Woman!

Many of you will know that I have had a passion for motorsport since I was a child. After spending a number of years working with racing drivers on their fitness and nutrition, I am now setting my sights on the track in a bid to become a racing driver myself and hope to become the winner of a UK wide search to find a female racing driver in the Formula Woman competition and to be one of the 6 ladies to get a seat in the GT Cup 2022 in a McLaren 570s GT4 car!

Formula Woman is a race series that launched in the UK back in 2004, with the intention of getting more female drivers into a male-dominated sport. Its first season was a televised competition and it continued until 2007, when it was quietly curtailed. Now though, the Formula Woman competition and its accompanying TV show are back for 2021 in which winners will receive entry into the 2022 GT Cup Championship and will get to race in a McLaren 570S GT4. This Championship is an established part of the UK motorsport scene and continues to grow in stature and popularity. The on-track assessments are being held at Anglesey Circuit and with it being broadcast on television in the UK and across the globe this will give huge exposure to everyone involved. It was a huge hit, televised by ITV in its opening season, broadcast alongside Formula One, and in the second year a new world record was established for the most female drivers at a single motorsport event – 62 at Pembrey Circuit in Wales.

I have always felt a huge buzz when around race tracks and from an early age I really wanted to race. Since, when I have been around the paddock and garages as an adult and working within them with drivers, I have a pull to get on track more than ever. I feel that Formula Woman aligns perfectly with my goal to encourage more women into motorsports and with my aim to champion women within a typically male-dominated environment. I am competing to win and along with everything I do, I will be giving it my 110%. I hope that by becoming a Formula Woman, I can pave the way for other women to do the same and to dip their toes into the wonderful world of motorsport

I have already gained support from some massive names including that of Power Maxed who are well known in the motorsport world with their Power Maxed Racing BTCC team alongside BecauseRacecarBox (a detailing subscription box) and Giving To Services – SVS (a digital currency specifically designed to give back to those who serve).

Any company or individual looking to sponsor me on my journey throughout the Formula Woman competition can get in touch through emailing to discuss further. All sponsors will receive TV coverage, logos on the car and race-wear, mentions within all interviews and press as well as dedicated posts on my own social media platforms. For those that wish to follow my journey, I will be documenting my progress on my Instagram @leanne.holder so feel free to follow me.


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