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How To Make The Most Out Of Self-Isolation


Coronavirus is here, and unfortunately there is nothing we can about it. Like many, you will find that two days on the sofa sounds like a dream, until the boredom kicks in! However there is certainly something we can do when stuck indoors self-isolating or social-distancing. In fact, there is a lot of things that we can do that will benefit our lives and that doesn't include watching Netflix and eating snacks for the next 14 days! Here are some of my top tips to making the most out of self-isolation!

1. Have a clear out!

Spring cleans are so therapeutic and with all this time on your hands this is the perfect opportunity! Grab some bin bags, get those rubber gloves on and have a clear out and re-organise. You will feel amazing after it, and who knows you could even make some extra cash selling on Ebay and Depop!

2. Read that dusty book

How many of us have got that one book that we 'never got round to reading' and it's been sat on the bookshelf since Christmas 2018?! This is the perfect time to get a face-mask on, kick back and have a read. If you are stuck for books, head online to the kindle store and take a look, there are so many books online for you to read!

3. Start your new health and fitness regime!

You can't go to a fast food restaurant or to a bar, and you have no work canteen to keep you going. This is the PERFECT time to start a new routine and get yourself feeling and looking amazing for when we can all get back to booking holidays! Working out from home is easy, you need no equipment and there are tons of videos online to help! Eating healthy food can be simple too; plus you will have loads more time to cook nice meals and won't need to reach for a ready meal! Have a look at my E-book; it contains so much education on how to kick start a healthy lifestyle and even includes workout and recipe advice!

4. Write lists for the future of things you want to achieve

Setting goals is an amazing task and often one that we overlook. Grab a notebook and write a goal out. Then workout a deadline for that goal. Now you have a deadline, work out the steps in between on how you will be able to achieve it. Now start working towards the steps! No time like the present!

5. Reflect

With such busy lives normally happening, you have so much more time for reflection daily. Sit, with your eyes closed and really think about what you are grateful for. Work on focusing on only positive thoughts and feelings and imagine yourself in a position where all your dreams have come true. The power of visualisation is incredible and if you do this every single day you will be surprised how quickly the universe makes your dreams come true!

So there we have it; 5 ways to tackle self-isolation! Remember; if you get bored, you can always read through some of my other blogs!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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