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How To Make More Income During Coronavirus

There is so much uncertainty to our incomes at the moment due to Coronavirus and even more stress and anxiety if you are self-employed or a freelancer. There are so many people getting upset, venting and sharing negativity on social media but not many providing any solutions to help. I am going to suggest below some ways I which I think you could try to make some extra cash in the current social and economical climate, to try to keep you afloat. Some of these suggestions may not work for those that are the most vulnerable, or those that live with people that need to isolate; but others you can do from home!


1. Ring your local newsagents and see if there is a local paper-round that needs doing. With people being advised to not head out to the shops; those that used to buy the paper everyday will be going without. Offer to deliver through letter boxes - you don't need to see anyone face to face!

2. Offer your services locally as a car washer. You can either head to peoples driveways or they can drop their car off to you. You can get them to leave the cash in an envelope at the end of the drive or in a safe space and you can post the keys back through their letter box. Just remember to wear gloves and wipe down all surfaces before you begin. If you are stuck for products; give BecauseRacecarBox a go; and use code BOX10 for a discount!

3. Look on Facebook Marketplace for FREE items that people want to get rid of. Go and collect by asking them to leave them at the end of the drive and give them a wash before taking them into your house. Once you have the item, you can either up-cycle it if it needs modernising, or you could just take images of it as it is. Pop it on eBay at a reasonable price and you have just made some cash!

4. If you are good with photoshop, can create cool graphics/logo's or can write articles to a high standard then get yourself onto Fiverr. It is a way to offer your services at a set price and you get paid online. This is ideal for people wanting to make some extra cash at home - especially if they are creative!

5. Many people who are self-isolating right now will not be taking their dogs out for long walks. You could offer your services as a dog walker! You could agree to collect the dog from their garden and upon return they can leave the cash in a safe space for you! Just remember to give the lead a wipe down when you return the dog so not to pass any germs onto the owner!

6. Look for temp work that you can do at home, or even data entry work. A simple google search will reveal a lot of 'at home' work that you can do and get paid online. It means that if you are unable to head out, you can still be earning a reasonable hourly rate!

7. Lastly, if you do not fall into the 'at risk' category, give your local supermarkets or smaller stores a call and see if they need extra staff. There will be tons of delivery staff needed and even people to stock shelves through the night. Just remember to listen to the government advice and keep 2 metres away at all times from others. I've heard that some people recently have been hired on the spot!

So there we have it; 7 ways to make some extra cash in these troubled times. I'm aware that some or all of these may not work for you; but if you think they will be relevant to a loved one; share it on! All we can do is stick together and offer positive, useful advice!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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