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Expert Sourcing In The Luxury Car Space

Buying a car is usually never too difficult, you head to your local car dealer, head to auto-trader or pop onto Facebook's market place. However, what if you are looking to add a rare spec supercar, a modern classic or an impressive race car to your dream garage? Sourcing a specific luxury car can be stressful when you don't know where to start looking, have international suppliers to consult with or even have to work on negotiating the right and realistic price for such a buy... until now.

I am working with JWP Prestige to bring difficult to obtain rare cars, straight to you, with a hassle free experience. With a well trusted network of main franchise UK and some European dealerships to offer preferential discounts or lead times on new cars, JWP Prestige has partnered with trusted industry experts with years of experience in the luxury, supercar, hypercar and foreign currency exchange markets to ensure a fully rounded and discreet client journey.

JWP Prestige has great ties with UK lease companies that can offer very competitive deals on mainstream cars as well as a proven network of specialist buyers to dispose of cars and often far exceed the clients price they have obtained. We can also work with private collectors offering a very private and discreet service to aid them selling unwanted cars whilst protecting their relationships with the manufacturer.

So what sort of cars are for sale currently? Well, aside from supercars such as the Mclaren P1 GTR and the 488 Pista; there is something far more impressive on the market.

Meet the TDF-1. In 2018, British engineering company Tour-de-Force founded a project to enable private ownership of the most modern era Formula 1 cars possible. Every car produced as part of the TDF-1 program is built in the UK by ex F1 engineers and mechanics who have previously worked for teams such as Williams, Mercedes, Marussia and Renault.



Chassis: 2011 Marussia MVR02 or 2012 Sauber C31 – Carbon Fibre monocoque and nose box.

Suspension: Double carbon fibre/carbon shrouded wishbone suspension front and rear. Titanium flexures/spherical links. Ohlins dampers, torsion bar front spring, coil rear spring.

Engine: TDFM600T 1730CC Turbo Charged, limited to 9000RPM. Producing circa 600bhp. Installed as a stressed member.

Transmission: Six speed semi- automatic gearbox with reverse gear, hybrid magnesium and carbon fibre construction, electronically controlled, installed as a stressed member.

Electronics: Cosworth/Pi/Pectel/ GEMS/TDF Electronics package including onboard data logging system.

Brakes: AP Racing 4 piston calipers.

Brake Discs/Pads: Hitco Carbon/ Carbon.

Clutch: AP Racing multi-plate with fly by wire clutch control from steering wheel paddles.

Steering Wheel: TDF constructed bespoke wheel with OLED display, driver controls, gearshift and clutch paddles.

Seat/Belts: Anatomically formed composite with six point HANS compatible harness.

Fuel System: 130L FIA FT3 homologated fuel cell with triple lift pumps and pressurised collector.

Fuel Type: Sunoco 260GT Plus

Tyres: Pirelli P Zero

Wheels: O.Z. Racing

Aerodynamics: As per relevant season with DRS system.

If you are interested in the TDF-1 or in getting your hands on a car that you feel JWP Prestige can source for you or you wish to use our service for a particular sale; then send me an email at and i'll find you the perfect fit.


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