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5 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs!

As a business owner I know first hand that there are certain hurdles to get over, before your feet firmly touch the floor and you start running through the business world. It can be tiring, draining, daunting and somethings just honestly seem impossible! On the outside it can look easy and even glamorous being an 'Entrepreneur' and yet the minute someone starts putting one foot in-font of the other and takes their first steps into the world of business they can often see it for the hard work that it really is! True business and entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted and as a woman in business I know first hand that it can be even harder in certain ways just for being a woman. I'm here to help motivate and encourage all of you wanting to navigate through the maze of business and especially for you girl bosses making your stiletto shaped stamp on your industry!

I have put together a few handy tips that I have learnt along the way from co-owning both BecauseRacecarBox and Vitamin Coffee and hope that these will give you a head start to your successes!

1. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Failing is actually really useful to understand where things are not working and how you can do things better next time. Sometimes you can feel nervous that people will put this down to your ability as a capable entrepreneur - I promise you EVERYONE fails and it has no reflection on your ability to do your job well.

2. Become an expert in your field of work/industry.

This is something I am forever trying to master but I promise you when someone tries to patronise you and you give them an answer they can’t come back at you for... it will be worth the effort you made! If you are a female in a typically male dominated industry or workplace you will sometimes have to prove yourself just that little bit harder. I've been made to feel like absolutely rubbish by two men over the phone that were organising a trade event that one of my business's was attending. They tried to patronise me by questioning everything I was saying and were laughing at me; it's safe to say I gave them some responses they were not expecting due to my knowledge of not just the industry but of my products and they were the ones left feeling silly.

3. Don’t get caught up in the expectations of ‘workwear’.

Knowing what is suitable to wear to a meeting or to show on socials is honestly irrelevant to your position as a business owner. You can wear anything you want to wear and this doesn’t change your ability within your role. As a female you may feel that you should be wearing a suit or a blazer in a navy blue or black to look a little more reserved and to appear 'professional'. I'm here to tell you that bright pink is absolutely fine at any time!! Don’t let pressures of ‘expectations’ get to you.

4. Ask for help when it’s needed.

We become extremely stubborn when we feel like we always have to prove to others our worth and have often had to fight for our positions within an industry, but don’t let that be a disadvantage. Asking for help is sensible and will be the best decision for your business. You need to surround yourself with the right people for your business and often that means hiring people that are actually much better than you at certain things. Being the boss and having to ask your staff for help as you don't know the answer isn't a bad thing.. it means you have chosen your team correctly!

5. Stand up for yourself.

If you feel you are being spoken down to, being patronised or not taken seriously because of your gender, speak loudly for everyone at the back to hear. Don’t keep quiet. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today and it’s about time everyone knew that!

I hope these handy tips have not only given you a little confidence boost but have also made you feel like you have some knowledge to take forward into your venture whatever that may be! Remember to message me for any advice and to follow my instagram for more tips!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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