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3 Reasons You May Not Be #Winning

Leanne Holder

How many times have you seen #Winning on an Instagram post where someone has absolutely smashed something and looks like the ultimate boss, but inside you have felt like that will never be you, despite your efforts? This could be down to many reasons, some of which are out of your control, however there are some aspects to the #Winning culture that you can't control! I've outline 3 ways in which you can turn this around and be the king or queen of winning.

1. You are playing the victim

If you have ever used any of these phrases;

"I've already tried doing that"

"I'm not lucky like them"

"I don't have the money for that"

"I went through trauma as a child and now I struggle"

"I don't have the ability"

or any other phrases similar to the above; then you my friend are playing the victim and it has to stop. You are using past experiences, the experiences of others or your lack of knowledge as an excuse as to why you have not reached your goal yet. Whether this is because you genuinely believe that is the reason you are not winning, or whether you know that it is secretly a cover-up as you don't think you are good enough, it needs to end now. Take responsibility for your life situation past and present and move on from it to make the future a different one. If you've already tried something; try again or change your tactics. If you don't have the money for something, try to earn the money, or ask for ways that you can help others in return for something. If you went though bullying, or trauma and it's affection your confidence - join the club. You are stronger than you realise so today is the day you forget all of that and truly start winning.


2. You are not sacrificing enough

To be successful you are going to have to sacrifice a whole lot. Whether that is working on a Saturday and only taking Sunday to yourself, not going out with friends in order to save money or getting less sleep than anyone else in your household, these steps are going to put you one step ahead and a lot closer to your dreams. If you are already sacrificing a lot; think about something else you could do. Do you scroll social media before work? Quit that straight away, you have just gained 15 minutes. Spend your lunch break watching videos? Read personal development books instead. You get the idea!

Reading Books

3. You don't believe in yourself as much as you should

Believing in yourself can be so hard, but if you don't have confidence not only will people see straight through that, but you won't be as productive as you could be. You HAVE to believe in what you are trying to achieve and believe in your ability in order to receive your goals. All the greatest entrepreneurs have all known they can achieve their dreams, famous scientists knew that they would do great things and world champion athletes know they will win their race/fight/event. There can never be any doubt in your mind whatsoever; constantly keep remembering that you CAN do this! As soon as you adopt this mindset you will shift straight into the #Winning mentality and start to discover amazing opportunities and reach those goals!


So there we have it, my 3 reasons as to why you are not currently #Winning. Now it's time for you to head off and change your mindset. I'm so excited to see you guys smash it!

With Love,

Leanne xx


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