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The 3 Different Sides Of A Business Woman

As a business woman I find myself switching roles constantly, anywhere from looking presentable to being so tired and run down! This means that my wardrobe is so varied and my choices will depend entirely on my days plans and/or my feelings. I'm about to identify 3 of the different sides I have whilst running the day to day of my businesses.

1. The Dress To Impress Side

Perhaps the favourite side to me, but also the most effort; the dress to impress look consists entirely of a smart looking mini dress and some killer heels. When I wear this bodycon mini dress I mean business. I think dressing up for an important day can make you feel powerful and ready for anything that life throws at you!

Leanne Holder Femme Luxe Finery

2. The Having A Chilled Day Might Be Social Side

This is the kind of side to a business woman that you will most likely see on a weekend popping out and about after work for the day is done. When we get time off, we don't want to be spending it glamming up and therefore can usually be found in some comfy joggers and a cute top. The grey joggers look is one of my most common found looks from in the house, to popping to the shops and you can even dress them up with heels to look a little more cute!

Leanne Holder Femme Luxe Finery

3. The 'I'm Pretending I'm Okay But Really I'm Not' Side

This side occurs for us all right? When we are not feeling great but have to keep on powering through to get the jobs done?! Sometimes when my endometriosis is at it's worse but I still need to be on top form I like to opt for an outfit that feels loose like pyjamas but has the appearance of a well put together outfit that I can be comfy in with my hot water bottle. Loungewear sets are perfect for this kind of day and I personally love the Rib Two Piece Set!

Leanne Holder Femme Luxe Finery

There we have it; the 3 sides to a business woman that you will likely find! Which side are you most like on a usual day?

With Love,

Leanne xx

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