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4 Hot Fashion Trends Right Now

Fashion goes in cycles, is opinion based and is one of the most creative industries I have ever dipped my toe into. I absolutely love the way it brings out your personality, allows you to speak without talking and gives you confidence! With that in mind, I thought I would share with you my 4 favourite fashion trends right now - plus I will drop the links to the exact outfits below each image!

Leanne Holder pink PVC corset

1. PU is making a huge move at the moment. I noticed a lot of black colours a few months ago being worn, including wearing one myself and now pink has become a thing - I am so happy! I adore pink and I feel like this crop top gives PU a more friendly day time look! Also, if you are clumsy like me and spill your drink everywhere, you can wipe it off!

Leanne Holder Cycling Shorts Combo

2. Cycling shorts are still in fashion! They have been hot all summer on people going about their daily commute and they are still around as we head to autumn. This co-ord is spot on, it means you don't have to worry about what is or isn't going to match your shorts, plus you can wear it with other bottoms like jeans! I do however have skinny legs so I rolled the bottom of mine up so they didn't look too baggy and it actually looks awesome!

Leanne Holder Purple Glitter Sparkly Dress

3. It's glittery, it sparkles in the sun and it is purple. Here lies an absolute winner of fashion in my eyes! I love a dress and know that it doesn't matter what season it is; dressed like this will always be in fashion! It's such a nice dress for the wow factor but by being covered up and comfortable with the straps rather than having to worry about revealing yourself when you start dancing!

Leanne Holder Loungewear

4. Last but not least it's the animal print loungewear set! I adore loungewear as you will know from some of my other blogs but especially animal print ones! I used to wear leopard and zebra wayyyy back in college when it wasn't really the 'cool' thing to do. Now I have an absolute cracking excuse to pull it all out of the wardrobe and rock it! The jumper is so comfy so I'll be pairing it with jeans or shorts for another outfit look!

So there we have it; my 4 favourite trends circulating the streets and instagram right now. I've dropped the links below the item so you can go have some shopping fun! Remember to be yourself, pick what you like and if someone doesn't like your outfit and you do.. who cares!!!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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