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How To Take Your Training To The Next Level

There’s no quicker way to derail your fitness motivation than by feeling bored with your training. Luckily, if you do find yourself at a loss for motivation or for new exercises, there are plenty of ways you can mix things up. One of the best ways to enhance your training is to do activities that make you forget you are even working out in the first place.

Check out these hobby ideas to try if you feel you are stuck in a training rut:

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing

Whether it be with a group of friends or alone, rock climbing is a fantastic full body workout. One of the best things about rock climbing is that it can be as challenging or simple as you make it. Rock climbing targets the muscles in your hips, torso, legs, and arms and helps to increase your overall cardiorespiratory fitness.

If you want to improve your cardio, build muscle strength, and enjoy a fun activity with friends, put rock climbing on your list of activities to try.


Swimming is another great activity that allows for flexibility, fun, and a wonderful workout. Cool down after a sweaty training session in your gym facility’s pool or swim a few laps during a beach day with friends. The possibilities to incorporate swimming into your training are endless and the benefits for your physical health are plenty.

Swimming keeps your heart rate up and helps build muscle strength, endurance, and cardio, while minimizing the impact on your body. Consider swimming for a workout that is just as challenging as it is fun.



Cycling boasts various levels of difficulty that range from leisurely outdoor activity to high intensity workout. The beauty of cycling is that it allows you to train outside and, like swimming, is a low impact exercise.

This aerobic workout helps build leg muscles and is great for your heart, brain, and blood vessels. Take advantage of the many mental and physical benefits that cycling offers for your next training session.

Personal trainer

You may decide to consider these hobby ideas in your fitness, but perhaps all you need to get out of your training rut is a little motivation. Consider getting a personal trainer to inspire you with new exercises. Not only can a personal trainer mix up your exercises, but they can help you to set personalised, realistic goals for your fitness journey.

Dance class

While many may find dancing a bit out of their comfort zone, a dance class is a unique, entertaining way to squeeze in a cardio workout. What makes dancing such a prime workout activity? When people are dancing, they tend to forget they are engaging in a full body workout.

From Latin to ballet to hip hop to jazz, there are various dance classes to choose from to step out of your comfort zone and get your heart rate going.


Although it is similar to rock climbing, bouldering takes climbing to an entirely new level of intensity. Don’t be deceived by the shorter climbing height – typically 15 feet above the ground – or the lack of harnesses and ropes that bouldering entails. This workout is extremely challenging, just as it is rewarding for both your physical and mental state.

Take rock climbing to the next level by journeying into the great outdoors for a bouldering training session – and don’t forget the crash pad!



And speaking of the great outdoors, hiking is a wonderful option for those looking to breath fresh air, bask in panoramic views, and increase their cardio fitness. Hiking is a prime activity to help build muscle strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and lower legs.

Good for the heart, soul, and body, hiking is yet another fantastic exercise that will make you forget you are even training in the first place.

If you are in need of a training partner to keep you accountable and to challenge you, a personal trainer may be just the person you need.

With Love,

Leanne xx


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