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3 Tips To Looking Healthier

If you are anything like me and lead an extremely busy lifestyle you will find yourself having no time to cook elaborate meals, will struggle with spot breakouts and find yourself cooped up indoors for long periods of time. If this does sound like you; use these top tips to break the habit and to ensure that you are as healthy and as happy as possible!

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1. Consume more greens

Eating vegetables in meals can be so difficult especially when you are reaching for quick easy meals to make. I never have time to cook a Sunday roast, let alone a bunch of vegetables with it! The best thing I am doing at the moment is trying to juice a ton of vegetables! Juices can be such a quick way to get the greens into you; just remember these are NOT a meal replacement so do not just have these! Another great way to get greens into you is to make sure that instead of asking for chips with food when eating out, ask for a side salad or vegetable option. It may seem like the boring option but I guarantee your body will thank you for it later!

2. Have a great skincare routine

When away filming I usually have a ton of make-up on me, and then I get home and put more on for images. I've worked out that this makes my spots awful! So I have started really taking care of my skin. Besides wearing make-up as little as possible when I don't need to; I am making sure I clean my face twice a day! It is so surprising the amount of grub that you get on your face throughout the day even when not doing much! Using a cleansing face wash, a toner and complimenting products such as salicylic acid can really make a different to appearing fresher faced daily.

3. Explore the great outdoors

Nature really does have a calming effect on the mind and the body, but not only that it will make you feel more awake. Regular cardio of just going for a gentle stroll will be so good for you, will help you overcome that tired slump during the afternoon and will make sure you are looking trim. It doesn't matter if you can only give 15 minutes to a walk, or can only step outside the office on a lunch break - it will make a difference!

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So there we have it, 3 simple steps to feeling healthier and happier and ensuring that you get a glow every day!

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With Love,

Leanne xx

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