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Getting The Right Broadband For You

In this day and age Broadband is one of the most vital things in our lives. Our social lives, our business’ and our family chats all rely on it! As a business woman I use broadband all day, every day. From writing this very blog post, to paying invoices or updating my website with new products I 100% rely on having a solid broadband provider and a strong connection.


When choosing broadband, the first thing I always look at is cost. The last thing that I want to do is spend more money than I need to which will be detrimental to my business budget and mean I am over-paying for the same service with a different provider and getting the same outcome. Saving pennies is so important but so is saving time. It can take forever to search individually on different providers websites and comparing these can be so complicated as they all offer different deals and benefits.

You will be pleased to know however, there is a much simpler way of comparing your broadband only deals and you can now easily find the best deals in your area to ensure that you are saving your pennies and still getting the best broadband to suit your daily needs. You could honestly save hundreds of pounds a year by searching for the best deal for you.

So, what is broadband only? Broadband only deals are offers that only include broadband internet services, without the home phone or TV services that a lot of providers feature as part of their packages. With a broadband only deal, you only pay for your internet access, so if like me you have no need for phone or TV services and just want to pay for your broadband, you don’t have to worry about a phone line too!

One of the main benefits of the broadband only deals is that they are cheap, and therefore they are perfect for those of us on a tight budget. I used to pay for broadband plus a phone line, even though I didn’t even have a house phone and therefore never used that part of the service; I probably paid far more for the contract than I needed too!

Having used Cable’s handy comparison checker I was so surprised to find out that the Post Office actually had the cheapest rate at only £15.90 per month! I had no idea that the Post Office even did broadband and had it not been for me using the site I would never have thought to go to them directly to get a price. What’s really useful is that the site offers a postcode search, so you can find out the exact prices for your area rather than seeing an impressive deal and finding out later that it is not suitable for your address! This again speeds things up a lot! I even found a deal that offered £75 cash back, meaning I’m saving even more money!

With broadband being so important to my busy lifestyle I really hope this helps you not only save money across a contract but also to save time searching for the perfect broadband only deal for you.

With Love,

Leanne xx

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