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Turning 26 In Style

Celtic Manor Resort

So it is official, I turned 26 on Tuesday! It's been such an amazing year and I've honestly achieved so much that I am happy with! I also know that the road to 30 is going to be exciting, especially with all the goals that I have in mind for the next few years. I am so ready to work harder than ever.

Now the question you are all probably thinking is; "How did you celebrate your birthday?!" Well I headed to the incredible Celtic Manor Resort for an overnight stay in order to chill out. It can be mental working so hard at 100mph all the time so a day off is sometimes just needed!

The first stop for me was heading to the Spa area for a swim and sauna and of course a mandatory snooze on the loungers! I then headed straight back to the room for a read of my book!


After a nice chill out I started to get ready for a meal out and a few drinks. I couldn't decide between outfits as I had two amazing choices. The first outfit I tried on was a crop and skirt and they look so lush. I feel it is so versatile as you can also wear the skirt with loads of other tops also!

The outfit I chose in the end to wear down to dinner was a beautiful black dress. It is so light-weight and comfy I knew straight away it was the perfect outfit for this occasion! I headed down to dinner and drinks and had such a lovely time. The gin and lemonade was the perfect choice to accompany my food! Merlin's bar was wonderful with a live musician singing and playing the piano into the late evening!

The next morning and after an incredible sleep I got my self ready and went to sit on the balcony for a bit. It overlooked the golf course which was so pretty! I headed off to Llanelli to grab a few bits of shopping and then went to Pizza Hut who have an amazing Gluten Free pizza base! My outfit was so comfy and perfect for the weather.

So there we have it. That's how I celebrated my 26th Birthday. I had a wonderful relaxing break and had the most amazing outfits for it!

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With Love,

Leanne xx

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