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5 Things To Remember Each Day

Daily life can be hard, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from - there will be little things that upset you, challenge you or annoy you. Fact! I've been through my fair share of daily hardships ranging from business issues to health problems and complete and utter ruts in my journey through life. I've compiled 5 things that I always remember and think you should too!

1. Stay Classy, Sassy and Bad Assy

Staying classy is always something you should remember to do; but don't jeopardise your fierceness. Always speak your mind and do YOU but ensure it is with respect at all times.

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2. Don't Take No For An Answer

Rejection can be hard. We have all had that feeling where we have wanted something so bad and been told no. I firmly believe that if you are told no this is not the end. If a door closes in your face - then find another door to go through! Be determined always to seek what you want, and be persistent. Take acting as an example; I was rejected from an acting agency 6 years ago, and each year I sent my images, measurements and my experience to them despite them saying no to me. This year I was signed to their books and have had tons of work with them! I didn't take no for an answer!

3. Other's Will Copy You; Let Them

I can honestly say this can be the hardest thing to remember. If you are successful in someones eyes, you are going to be copied. Why? Because people want what you have! Whether that is the salary you are taking home, the followers you have on instagram or the affirmation from others for your beauty - people will want a piece. When people copy something that you are doing or have done it can be frustrating; especially when you have been authentic and unique, but remember that you did it first and people will see that! All the time others are focusing on what you are doing, they are not focusing on what they are doing and therefore you can simply outwork them, outsmart them and show you are the boss. Leave them too it and focus on you only.

4. Be The Boldest In The Room

This one only applies to those people that wish to be successful. I reckon that's 99.9% of you reading this right? Being bold doesn't always mean standing out, being loud or wearing the brightest outfit in the room. Being bold could be blending into a corner, reading a book but absorbing everything that is happening in the room in order to shine later in what you are good at. Being quiet and blending in can actually be the boldest move of them all. Whether you are the person that is more comfortable leading the pack and being front and centre stage (me) or feel most suited to taking a step back and using wisdom later down the line, you can still be bold with it. Do everything with heart, gumption and your 100% focus.

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5. Have Gratitude

I can't express enough how much having gratitude matters. Be thankful every single day for what you already have and don't concentrate on what you don't have! If you are happy with what you already have around you then anything else that happens is an absolute bonus! Have gratitude and believe me the things you want will find their way to you.

So that's it; my 5 things to remember each day!

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With Love,

Leanne xx

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