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4 Must Have Outfits For Your Wardrobe

I'm a huge fan of having items in my wardrobe that I can mix and match but also that I can style up and down depending on the occasion. Sometimes you want to be comfy, and then be able to quickly go from chill to glam in 60 seconds! Here are 4 of my must have outfits that I think you should keep in your wardrobe for those versatile occasions!

Outfit 1:

Femme Luxe Finery

This first outfit is actually 'loungewear' but here I have dressed it up for a meal out. It is SO comfy and I love how I can chill out in it too. I actually wore the houndstooth pattern of the same outfit recently and on the same day I went to the beach in it, went hiking in it, drove in it and even climbed up and down a very steep cliff side in it!

Outfit 2:

Femme Luxe Finery

This next outfit is so perfect to mix and match. The tracksuit itself comes as a set however you can pair either the jumper or the trousers with any other item of clothing and make it look great. In the photo I am at Applecross in Scotland where I was driving the North Coast 500 and after driving for hours in it, the outfit still felt so comfortable!

Outfit 3:

I adore the this pink shirt. It is so comfy and can be paired with either jeans or a skirt and can be worn for daytime or evening wear! It's so easy to tie the shirt higher or lower and its really soft. The creases also come out really fast which is a huge bonus if your always travelling like me!

Outfit 4:

As you all will have worked out by now, I adore loungewear! In a previous blog post I work this cropped tracksuit set in a pink colour. I loved it and so now have it in Khaki too! It's perfect for all weathers and I've even paired the cropped hoodie with jeans before and it still looks fab!

So there we have it! My 4 must-have outfits for your wardrobe! I hope you love my suggestions!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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