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Delicious Vegan & Gluten-Free Summer Dessert - Guest Post

How many people are following particular diets these days? From paleo to 5:2, low-carb to gluten-free, this can make things difficult when hosting friends or even just cooking for yourself if you’re following a diet too. But it doesn’t have to mean boring. Excluding certain things from your diet isn’t about being bereft, use it instead as an opportunity to explore new flavours and techniques that you might otherwise have overlooked. When it comes to desserts, this can have some delicious results. Here are three ideas for vegan and gluten-free sweet treats that are sure to please.

Vegan & Gluten (and wheat) Free Chocolate Cake

Is there anything better than a vegan chocolate cake? Well, apart from a chocolate cake that’s vegan and gluten and wheat free too! Click on this vegan chocolate cake recipe if you’re looking for a tasty cake to make without the guilt. Once you’ve got a basic recipe experiment with additional flavours such as espresso for a rich, grown-up chocolate cake or strawberries for a more summery version. If you’re looking for vegan frosting to go with this cake a combination of sugar, cocoa powder and vegan butter tends to so the trick.

Vegan & Gluten/Wheat Free Ice Cream

Fancy the ice-cold refreshing taste of ice-cream? Vegan and gluten-free ice cream is in fact extremely simple to make and can help you avoid the labour-intensive churning that is required for regular ice cream. Simply take some ripe bananas, peel and leave in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Remove and place in a blender. Add coconut cream, maple syrup and a dash of vanilla essence. Blend it until smooth. You can eat it immediately or save in the freezer for another day.

Vegan & Gluten/Wheat Free Raspberry Cheesecake

Finally, there’s nothing better after a dinner party than a slice of cheesecake. But how to make a vegan version of pudding that has cheese in its very title? The trick here is tofu! Silken blended tofu actually has the consistency of cream cheese. Once you’ve added sweeteners and flavouring (in this case icing sugar and raspberry) it’s difficult to tell the difference. Pour the mixture over a base of gluten-free/vegan biscuits crushed with vegan margarine, then leave to set.

Whether you fancy vegan chocolate cake, ice cream or cheesecake following a particular diet should be no barrier to your enjoyment of tasty after dinner treats. Try out these ideas to get your sweet fix and then get experimenting, there are so many tasty flavours out there that the sky really is the limit!


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