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Looking After Your Joints With FlexiQule™


Joint care is not something that many people are familiar with, nor are they too sure on how to actually take care of them! Having completed my MSc in Strength and Conditioning and since trained many elite professional athletes as well as the public, I know too well the harsh impact that living an active life can have on your joints. In this post sponsored by FlexiQule™, I explain how you can easily make a change and ensure the best heath for your joints.

FlexiQule™ undertook a survey* that revealed that over half of the Brits who experience every-day joint pain (e.g. back, knee and arthritis), admit that they can't keep fit (35%) or play a sport (30%) due to painful symptoms. As someone that suffers from knee pain myself, I can totally relate to not only the pain, but the frustration of not being able to do the things you love!

So how can we prevent joint pain and ensure that we are exercising at any age and keeping limber for longer?

Firstly, we can look at supplements to ensure that we are intaking natural ingredients daily that will have a positive effect on healthy joint function. FlexiQule™ is a clinically tested blend of natural concentrated Boswellia (G301) and Ginger (G321) extracts. Boswellia helps to maintain healthy joint function, mobility and flexibility, while the natural ingredient Ginger helps to manage our bodies inflammatory response. FlexiQule™'s uniquely potent blend of ingredients will help you continue doing the exercise you love; whether your passion is running, tennis, walking the dog or lifting weights like me!

FlexiQule™ natural joint supplements are £16.99 for 30 capsules and are available online or from independent pharmacies nationwide. To find out more visit:


Complimentary exercise to go alongside your FlexiQule™ supplements is another great way for you to keep on top of your joint health. Warming up and cooling down thoroughly before any exercise is extremely important, as well as working on flexibility and mobility to support the tissue surrounding the joints. Ensuring that the exercises that you choose have less impact on joints such as the knee's, can be a great way to not only build up the necessary bone density in order to prevent a decline in later life, but can also lead to less pain and joint deterioration.

If you like the idea of getting in the pool rather than in a busy gym on a weekend then swimming is most certainly the exercise for you. Swimming is a great way to ensure a full body workout without unnecessary pressure on any joints. Not only will you burn lots of calories, but you will be improving heart health and most importantly contributing to the health of your joint's. The non-weightbearing aspect of swimming helps to build the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the joint without causing any painful impact or damage.

Another fantastic exercise that is also extremely low impact on the joints is cycling. If you don't feel that swimming is for you and you wish to be out and about on a road bike, in a spinning class at the local leisure centre or on your exercise bike in the garage, then this is the perfect exercise. Cycling can offer huge benefits without the worry of it impacting your joints, with it actually being beneficial on your joint's longevity, mobility and muscle mass!

If like me you have ignored your joint health for far too long, then give FlexiQule ™ a try! Taking care of your joint's now, will ensure a fantastic active life later down the line!


With Love,

Leanne xx

*FlexiQule joint support 2018 survey, Prepared by 3GEM RESEARCH & INSIGHTS, April 2018

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