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Printkick Review

As a blogger and business owner, I know the importance of promotional materials to market what I do. Not only that, but having to be organised has left me a stationary addict that is travelling about a lot. Printkick kindly gifted me a selection of their products to help me with my busy schedule and I am here to tell you all about them!

Firstly, when browsing the website, it is clear that these guys stock tons of stuff! From promotional mouse-mats and pens to sweets and travel accessories - they have it all! They boast an impressive range of clients that they have created promotional products for and from the get go I would trust them with my business orders.

So did their products actually live up to my thoughts? Yes, absolutely! High quality and exactly as shown in their website images. Here's what they sent:

Travel Bag

printkick travel bag

This bag is SO useful! It's honestly like a Mary Poppins bag! The handles are so sturdy and I have no worries about filling it right up as it is such great quality. I've used it to pack my overnight clothes in for a trade show and I will be using it for all future press trips too! The colours are perfect as they match any outfit and the bag doesn't look too 'overnight bag' but can work as a business looking bag too! 10/10 for me.

Want one? Head to the link here: Printkick Travel Bag

Aluminium Bottle

Aluminium Bottle

With the press opening our eyes up to the harm that plastic is doing to our incredible oceans, I am consciously trying to reduce my plastic where possible - this includes me banishing plastic bottles. Printkick sent me their Aluminium Bottle and so far it has been so useful. The clip on top means I can attach it to the inside of my handbag or my travel bag, and can't lose it (this always happens). It is the perfect size and so light too carry! A logo would look amazing printed on one of these!

Want one of these? Have look: Printkick Aluminium Bottle

Printkick Promotional Pack

Printkick notebooks

Printkick promotional pack

Notebooks, pens, hand-sanitiser, jelly beans and more were all included in the promotional package they sent me of their own branded items. This really gave me a feel for what items could look like with my own business logo on and actually got me quite excited! These are the perfect items to sit in your desk drawer and will always come in handy - especially the jelly beans!

All of the items gifted to me are impressive. I am so happy with them and know that when I need promotional items for my business I will be heading straight to them! Highly recommended.

Want to browse their HUGE range? Head to the site:

With Love,

Leanne xx

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