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Does Feeling Inadequate Ever Stop?

As a blogger I get amazing opportunities, I am blessed with loads of amazing free products to try and I get to write, photograph and show to the world what I am up too. My feed is full of colourful clothing and vibrant filters that show the best parts of my day.

As a woman, I scroll down my screen and get disheartened. I work so hard to build a following and to create valuable content. When I see that my content is not reaching many people, and my following is going down and not up, it is so frustrating. The hardest part however, is feeling inadequate to others. I love who I am, what I stand for and I am content finally with how I look. But when I scroll down my instagram feed I see other bloggers/influencers that look incredible! They have long glossy hair, their lips are full and their makeup perfect and it leaves me feeling rubbish about myself. I think the key to this is money. I have money, not tons of it... but my priority is to spend it investing in my other business’s. I could however use it to get hair extensions, lip fillers, make up lessons, eye lash extensions etc. However I question whether that would truly make me feel better... would the feeling of not being enough ever stop? Would I do all of that and then still want more? Is that why we see celebrities that have over done surgery and now no longer look like their former selves? I think the key is to try to be happy with how you look, and to not worry about how others look in comparison to you. People and companies like different things, I might be the perfect fit for a skincare assignment because I show my non-makeup face all the time over someone that doesn’t. Feeling insecure about my looks is always going to be a back and forth struggle for me. Some days I am so confident and happy and then others I feel like a sack of shit. I would love to know whether others feel like this? Do you guys feel inadequate when you see other people’s posts or are you genuinely content with yourself! P.s you are all beautiful. With Love, Leanne xx

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