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What It's Like To Model For Clinique

Most people see the shiny adverts, but never really know what happens behind the scenes. In this blog I am going to tell you all about my experience modelling for Clinique and tell you what really goes on!

When I got the email to say I had been picked as one of the faces of their new formula Moisture Surge I was so exited! To model for such an incredible brand and for a product that I love so much was a dream. They told me my train times, and told me all the information I needed ahead of the shoot.

On the morning of the shoot, I made sure I had freshly washed hair and no make up on, and I headed to the train station to pick up the tickets they had purchased for me in advance. I hopped on the train to London Liverpool Street and just over an hour later I was sent a message from Addison Lee to say my driver was waiting for me outside the train station! The car was extremely easy to find due to the directions they gave me and the suited driver opened the door and put my bag in for me. We headed off through central London to the Estee Lauder HQ where the shoot was taking place.

When I arrived at the HQ I was immediately greeted by a long reception desk and an incredible fire surrounded by comfy chairs. I waited for a few minutes before someone came down and asked me to follow them to the shoot. Inside the HQ it is huge. The lifts are all glass so you can see out of them, and there are loads of very glamourous and make-upped to perfection women walking around - totally what I expected! There are a lot of different brands under the Estee Lauder group, so the place was bustling with hair, make up and beauty.

I was shown into a room with mirrors set up and lots of make-up and handed a personalised robe with my name on the back! I was sat down and an Aveda hair stylist got to work on my hair. We opted for a loose curl look but with a little stick on the roots to tame it down a little. The man was incredible and my hair looked so glossy! Straight after I was into make-up and the Clinique ladies set to work giving me a natural but done-up look using all Clinique products. I was so happy with the incredible job that they did! I was offered food and drink throughout including pastries, fruit platters etc.

Once I was ready they took me into the studio for the shoot. It was set up like the beauty counters you see in department stores with the products in the background which was really cool. There was about 7 people in the room that were working on the shoot. Two area's were set out, one for videoing and the other for photographs. I started with photographs and they sat me on a high stool. The whole team were incredible and treated me so well, they even moved my stool with me on it so not to make me get off it (I felt like a total diva)! They got me to hold the moisturiser and to look straight into the camera. I did a few poses and they feeded back what they liked and didn't like until we got the perfect shots. They then got me to put on a pink boxing glove to show the other side to me - fitness/strength. They got me to pose freely with the glove and the shots looked amazing!

Next they took me over to the video area and they put a small mic on me to go with the mic overhead. They asked me to simply look at the man in front of me and talk to him about the product, why I started using it and why I love it. That was super easy and luckily I am not shy when it comes to talking so we got that done very quickly!

Once all the filming and photography was completed I headed back to the make up room and I was handed an amazing goodie bag full of Clinique products! They even had food out so I could nibble to my hearts content!

I headed home back on the train again and it was a about a month before the product launched and the images and video's were released! The shoot was amazing and I loved every second of it!

Here are the finished images and video clips!

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