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Solution For Scars - Science Of Skin Review

Solution for Scars

I have a lot of scars from a fair few surgery’s, and my scars never seem to fade or get better. I have tried scar reduction treatment before and I never seem to get any noticeable results, although this is probably down to me using them for a week and then forgetting about it!

Science Of Skin is a brand that was founded by one of the UK's leading cosmetic surgeons, and has a heap of professionals surrounding it. I was delighted when I was sent their Solution for Scars treatment to try out!

Solution for Scars is formulated with proven ingredients from science and nature to help reduce the discomfort and appearance of scars, soothe irritable scars and lessen the causes of redness. The product has been clinically proven to work and the formula contains naturally active Green Tea extract which supposedly targets the causes of scarring. The product itself works to enhance the skin's repairing response and therefore in turn, reduces the appearance of the scars. The study undertaken, was a controlled clinical study on new scars in which the thickness measurements were reduced by up to 20% after just 2 weeks of using the treatment.

So who is it perfect for? Well the product is perfect for anyone that suffers from surgical scars, burns, bumps and grazes, accidental/traumatic scars, chickenpox scars and even acne and eczema scars! Nearly all of us can fall into one of those categories so it really is an incredibly versatile product!

Using the product is simple, all you need to do is massage it in for a minimum of 1 minute until it is completely absorbed. For best results it is suggested to use the product twice a day, on and around the scar.

The product itself is well packaged and inside the box contains a little leaflet that explains in further detail what the product does, who should use it and more in depth steps on how to use it. The pot I was sent is 30ml and as you only use a small amount at a time it will last ages!

So have I seen any results? Well I can't say I have seen any dramatic changes at all, however my scars are all over a year old and there have been times where I have forgotten to use the product. The key is to be consistent and to use the product day after day! I do feel as though two of my scars have reduced in thickness slightly in which I am extremely happy with that and feel that if I continue the treatment I hope this will reduce even more. I am considering using this on my face to aid some old acne area's that I feel can sometimes be visible!

If you are looking to try some for yourself head to and make sure that you read their impressive testimonials and press recommendations!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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