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Superdrug Some Body Range

Superdrug have launched an amazing new range called “Some Body”. They have flavoured water, protein powder and even yummy snack bars that are full of natural ingredients. 

I was so pleased when I was sent some of the range to try! 

The first product that I was sent was a Mojito flavoured water! Now I was unsure how this would taste as I’m a big fan of a Mojoito and couldn’t work out how it would actually taste like the amazing cocktail! I can confirm this water actually tastes like the refreshing cocktail that you would expect from a cocktail bar! The fizzy sensation makes it feel like a treat and nothing like a bottle of water! A massive thumbs up from me! 

Next I tried the orange and cocoa snack bar, and it’s really yummy. You will see from my other blog posts that I have tried lots of different types of snack bars, all with natural ingredients and this is just as good as the usual traditional brands! The taste is great and feels a lot like a naughty treat even though it is healthy! A great addition to the lunchbox or work bag! 

Lastly I tried their Chocolate Whey Protein. I have a lot of experience in trying out protein powders and have gone through tubs and tubs of the stuff in my time! Chocolate is always my favourite flavour and I was certainly impressed with the taste and the texture. I didn’t get any lumps when mixing it with both water and almond milk and the taste was not sharp like I have experienced with some protein powders which was a massive bonus! 

Overall I am really impressed with their ‘Some Body’ range! If you want to get your hands on anything, head to your local Superdrug store or order online! 

With Love,

Leanne xx 

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