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The Art Of Not Giving A Hoot

leanne holder

This is the most important blog post I have written to date and possibly one of the shortest. The art of not giving a hoot is simply not giving one.

People have opinions. Some people choose to voice theirs. To let you know exactly what they think of you. To be negative about you or your way of life. Some people think that its okay to talk about you behind your back. You will never be liked by everyone, and that's okay. The one thing I beg you not to do, is to change who you are. Let people hate.. because that's all negativity is.. it's pulling someone down, picking at the person you are, and trying to judge you for the decisions you make in YOUR OWN LIFE.


Why should you care one bit. Christ if I cared about what people thought about me, what people have said about me in the past and cared about what people thought of my fun, exciting and risky way of living then I'd probably be depressed as hell, never would have stood on my own two feet and certainly would not have reached for all the opportunities I have. I quite simply do not care one bit if someone does not like who I am as a person.

I do however care about what I do. I am passionate about what I do. I try to help as many people as possible with my content, I try to lighten up rooms with my personality and try to be the best person I can be. Guys.. its a fact that you just being you, may not be enough for some people. So the best way to deal with this, is to care about what you do.. and not care about what others think about what you do.

The road to success may be lonely. People will slowly drop off and your circle may get smaller. Focus on those that support you 100% and keep those that accept you in your ups and your downs close to you, they are the ones that matter!

I have never given a hoot, and you shouldn't either!

leanne holder

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