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Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection Tour

With the beginning of the Formula One season leaving fans with excitement to be experiencing that buzz again, I thought this would be a great time to share with you my experience of the Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection Tour.

Set in Oxford, the tour takes place at the Williams Conference Centre and promises to be an amazing day out for any motorsport enthusiast. I went along not knowing what to expect but excited to be heading there regardless!

On arrival I first noticed how incredible each and every staff member were, from the security guard at the gate, to the receptionist giving me my Williams lanyard and guest past. I was escorted to a lounge with coffee, tea and pastries and told to help myself! After about 15 minutes, two 'tour guides' began to introduce themselves and gathered everyone around an F1 tyre. They asked who wanted to pick it up... so of course I was the first to volunteer!

williams f1

They then split us into two groups to go on the tour with two different guides. We started our tour off with a chat about the 2017 formula one car and about all the different parts and specifications on it. Then we were taken into the F1 collection and each car was talked about in detail. Our guide shared stories with us about some of the great moments in formula one history. The tour guides were not only knowledgeable but they were incredibly passionate. They were so enthusiastic about what they were talking about that it made the experience incredible. I found that even when complex questions were asked, they were easily answered and we all ended up having great discussions throughout the day!

To end the tour we were given a buffet lunch. This was nothing like your normal buffet and there was no finger food in sight. The options were amazing with things like, Fish, Chicken with Chorizo, Curries! There were sides to choose from like potato cubes and vegetables and even a ton of deserts to ponder over! It really was incredible food and for the price of a tour ticket, to get an amazing lunch that was restaurant quality it was well worth it!

If you are thinking of booking the tour, DO IT! It is an absolute must for anyone that is a lover of Williams, and a lover of F1 in general. You could be a huge Hamilton fan, and I can guarantee that you will have the best day ever over at Williams, as no matter what driver you support, or what team is your favourite... we all have one thing in common, a passion and a love for the greatest sport around - motorsport!

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