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T Plus Drinks - Vitamin Super Tea's!

If you are not taking your daily vitamins, then you really need to start taking them. The problem is, most people always forget! The intention is there, they have purchased them, and then they just forget to take them! But, what if their vitamins were not in tablet form, didn't feel like a chore, and could be had on the way to work, first thing in the morning or just before bed as a warm, tasty cuppa? This is the exact vibe that T Plus is going for, and my god it works! You can't wait to have your vitamins each day!

So let me tell you a little more about T Plus Drinks, and about the wonderful range they have!

Some of you business minded nuggets may have already seen these guys on Dragons Den! They created the company to shake up the world of hot drinks and improve the 'health' drinks that are already on the market. The drinks themselves contain Green Tea, natural fruit flavours and 50% RDA in 9 vitamins including; B6, B12, C and Folic Acid! What's also amazing about T Plus Drinks is that for every sale of a box, they donate 10p to the charity Vitamin Angels!

Now for the nitty gritty.. what do they taste like?

Well I had the opportunity to try all of their flavours so I shall go through them one by one!

t+ Boost

This is a blend of the super herbs, yerba mate and ginseng as well as green tea, with a taste of natural raspberry and pomegranate. I really like the taste of this, it is really fruity and has quite a sweet taste to it. If you let it go cold, it tastes really good too! I would say this is my favourite of all the flavours, and there's nothing better than having an energy boost!

t+ Detox

This is a cleansing blend of milk thistle, dandelion root and ginger root which are ingredients that have been used for centuries for internal cleansing! The tea taste is Apple and Blackcurrant and in all honesty tastes like the squash that I used to drink as a child. It's a really yummy flavour and once again tastes fab cold.. although I do prefer it warmer!

t+ Immunitea

This is described as 'a soothing hug in a mug' and is an immune system boosting blend of Echinacea and ginseng. As a natural defence builder to help against the cold, this is fab as a before bed drink! The taste is delicious and is orange and blueberry. I actually preferred this when I left it to go cold, it was like a really summery drink!

t+ Multea

This tea is a perfect all rounder tea to drink anytime of the day. It's ingredients are multi beneficial and consist of; rosemary, cardamom and spearmint. My favourite part about this flavour is its similarity to iced tea! It is so fruity and the natural lemon and peach favours are so apparent.

I must say that all the flavours are great, and the most amazing part is that you wouldn't notice it has green tea in all of them. The downside to green tea is the taste and often it can become very strong and almost sour, whereas these drinks are fruity, light and refreshing! A perfect tasting drink whether it is hot or cold, that is good for you... nothing can beat it!

Make sure your following their socials and head to the website now!

With Love,

Leanne xx

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