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My Fitness Philosophy

My fitness philosophy is something that I feel strongly about and something that I encourage others to follow! Here are six things to ensure that you are on the way to a great fitness journey!

1. Progress Not Perfection

By this I mean not focusing on being perfect now or ever. It is so much better for you to focus on the progress you are making and the progress you have made so far! Focusing on trying to be perfect, often leads to us comparing ourselves to others and not realising, that what are doing already is enough! What even is perfect? Allow yourself to recognise your accomplishments in your journey so far and see each day as a step in the right direction and an amazing amount of progress.

2. Moderation

Moderation is the answer to a balanced lifestyle. I absolutely believe that everyone should have treats, eat their favourite foods and to go out and party. The only thing you need to think about is how you go about that. Rather than having a whole weekend of bad food, stick to one evening. If you really want some chocolate, maybe have a few squares and not the whole bar. I don't agree in cutting out food groups, I think having everything in moderation is perfect for any goal and is essential to any lifestyle.

3. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself is going to be one of the most important factors to seeing progress. If you do not push yourself out of your comfort zone then your body does not have the need to adapt and therefore will not change. Many people say 'no pain, no gain', however I am not totally sure that I agree with this mentality. I think it needs to depend on your personal circumstances. For example, if you are looking to get fit and healthy, however suffer from a health condition that means you are already in pain, I don't feel that putting that client into a state of more pain is essential or effective. Challenge yourself within your physical and mental remit and remember not to over do it!

4. Intensity Over Longevity

You don't need to spend 2+ hours in the gym daily. If you want an effective workout that takes little time, then that is easily achievable and often can be more beneficial to your results than spending hours in the gym. Say for example you are looking for fat loss, shorten your rest times to 30 seconds between sets! Spending 5 minutes on your phone resting isn't needed for this! Working with lower rest periods often means your cardiovascular system and muscles are working harder, which puts them into a place of fatigue quicker and also saves you more time!

5. Don't Get Disheartened

Sometimes we don't see the results that we want in the time that we wanted to see them in. This is quite normal but it's at this point that you need to re-evaluate rather than give up! Look at whether you have had any blips in training or your food, see whether you are training correctly for your goals and check that you are eating enough. Then establish how you are going to move forward and create a plan to keep your body guessing. This is the time for you to hit it hard again and try something different to get your results.

6. Believe!

If we can put man on the moon, then you can certainly get your goals! If you know what it is you want out of your fitness journey, then believe that you will get there! You will get there! With the correct training, eating well and staying positive, nothing is out of your reach. Keeping your head up and knowing that you will reach your results will keep you motivated, happy and well on your way to success!

I hope these have helped you to switch your thinking within your journey!

With love as always,

Leanne xx

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