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Gluten Free Food - Venice Bakery

Recently I wrote a blog post about Endometriosis and how leading a Gluten Free life can actually help with pain management! So I went on a search for foods that I could have daily, that would not upset my stomach or give me more pain!

I stumbled across Venice Bakery online when hunting for Gluten Free foods and I was so pleased to find these guys as I really didn't think I had many options available to me when looking at supermarket free from ranges.

Venice Bakery itself has over 50 years of experience in making free from products, and having come over from America, have brought their incredible award winning recipes with them!

The lovely bunch sent me an amazing array of products to try including, pizza bases, tortilla wraps and flat breads! So I couldn't wait to get creating some meals!

First off, I tried the pizza bases, as I am a massive Pizza Fan! I've tried free from pizza's before at some restaurants however always feel a little sad as they never taste the same as the normal ones! I was so pleasantly surprised to see how incredible these were! The bases were thin and crispy and tasted delicious. My boyfriend (who can eat gluten all day long) has now decided that these are his favourite pizza bases!! I am in love with the taste! I tried both the seasoned and non-seasoned and I love the seasoned ones more, just because of the added flavour! The best part? They cook so quickly!!

Next up I gave the flatbreads a go. Now I have never actually had a flatbread so I had no idea what to actually expect, however I followed the instructions, made sure I didn't put too much sauce in the middle (they cook slower here) and popped them in the oven. I liked the pizza's so much that I basically made a mini pizza again on the flat bread and it once again tasted incredible! I also had a great idea that if doing a dinner party or an Italian night, I could make garlic bread using these! They would be amazing!

The base was crispy but not chewy and as a lunch, 2 were the perfect amount! These are so versatile!

Finally I gave the tortilla wraps a go. Again, I have never tried any free from wraps before but these tasted just like normal wraps! I made fajita's as I totally love this meal and they worked perfectly. Heating them up a tiny bit before serving makes them a little more supple, and the taste was delicious.

If you want gluten free, dairy free or vegan friendly foods that taste exactly if not better than the normal foods and are so easy to purchase from their fantastic website then you have to head to Venice Bakery. Now I have tried them I will never look back and will be ordering lots of pizza bases that's for sure!

Make sure you check out their website and social media too!

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