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Endometriosis and Gluten - A connection?

Gluten Free Endometriosis

Bloating, Sharp Pains, Fatigue - all signs of endometriosis. However these are also signs of eating gluten. In my quest to rid myself from my endometriosis pain and to lead a more pain free life, I have been researching into the effects of a gluten free diet on endometriosis.

Firstly for those who are new to my blog; I was diagnosed with endometriosis many many years ago and since have tried every pill going. I was given the Mirena Coil about 6 years ago and have had two laparoscopy's, one with diathermy. Since my last operation I am still in pain daily, I still am bloated, tired, and struggle on a daily basis to cope - it is however more manageable which is amazing!

After eating certain foods, I notice that I get stomach pains similar to period pains and bloat a lot and I realised that they all contained gluten. So can including gluten in your diet affect endometriosis?

Well apparently yes! According to a study undertaken (Minerva Chir. 2012 Dec;67(6):499-504.) out of 156 patients, a massive 75% of them had less endometriosis painful symptoms when they undertook a gluten free diet! Now to me that seems like a huge significance and a reason to go gluten free! With inflammation being a huge part of gluten and of endometriosis, surely eliminating gluten will help with this also!

After further research, there does seem to be a few other studies and actually other people that have tried this that have confirmed they have had less pain when eliminating gluten from their diet!

So I am now a month in to my gluten free diet, and although to start with I didn't see much change, I can honestly say I am less bloated, my stools are better formed and not all over the place, I do not get as much stomach pain.. and .. for the finale... I GET LESS WOMB PAIN! I'm going to stick with this, but I am so happy with how it has gone so far.

If anyone else has had any experience with gluten and endometriosis please comment and let me know!

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