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Shaping My Future, One Weight At A Time


Wow, 2017 flew by! I had some incredible moments... starting this blog for one of them! My business's grew from strength to strength and I gained a ton of new followers and clients! Thank you all!

So what is next for this year?!

Well I plan to focus a lot on my shape. I've lifted weights for years now and managed to transform myself from skinny to strong, but now is time for me to slightly shift my focus. I want to really work on those area's I feel are lacking rather than the whole body that I have previously been working on. I think my hamstrings and glutes could do with growing and I have had trouble with these area's for quite some time. Despite working extremely hard on them, the gains are slow!

Aside from my physical look, I am really keen to work on my mental state this year. Stress can make me very unwell and often I get caught up in a lot of stuff within my own mind and this can not only affect my health but also my training! So new years resolution number 1 is to not get as stressed! Life is too short!

I have massive goals for my career. Currently I am personal training, blogging and running two business's and I am so happy with that, however I want to push it to the next level now! I feel that educating, inspiring and motivating people is my absolute calling in life and so expect tons more content focused around that!

Fitness is incredible. Its changed my life and now I want to change other's lives by inspiring them one weight at a time to shape the future they want, whether it be health, learning or body goals!

If you think that there is something I could do to make my blog, or Instagram better.. let me know! I'm open to criticism and ideas in order to my better myself to better you!

with love,



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