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Skinny Bakery - The yummiest Cakes!!

Skinny Bakery

I am so lucky as a blogger as I get to try some of the best things ever, but I am extremely lucky to have tried a ton of stuff from Skinny Bakery! I found these guys on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the brand! Lower calorie cakes compared to most other brands, and the cutest packaging! What's not to love!

Many 'low calorie' things I have tried before never taste the same as say the full fat, full sugar, a million calorie version. These taste better!!!

I tried:

Mince Pie's

Choc-Orange Pearls

Pumpkin Spice Pearls

Chocolate Pearls

They all tasted amazing and they were so soft and moist! I hate a dry tasting cake so I was very relieved! The chocolate I think were my favourite because I'm a total chocolate fan, but they all tasted great! What I love about these is that there is not tons in the pot and so you don't feel like a complete greedy guts if you eat them all accidentally!

It's also so interesting as to the ingredients in the products! Take the orange-choc pearls for example; these are made with fresh oranges and low-fat yoghurt with a tofu-based chocolate frosting?! Not at all what I expected!

For a slightly guilt free snack these are spot on! For those that want to have tea and cakes but worry about the calories, these are the perfect solution! You can pop them on a plate and even those not watching what they eat will think they are amazing, you would never know they were low calorie!

Give them a try yourself and make sure that you are following their social media!

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