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Cars In Essex - Where To Find Some Fast Ones!

Being a petrol head I find myself getting twitchy if I have not seen, smelt or heard a fast car for a while! So after recently moving to Essex from the midlands (which is surrounded by Silverstone, Rockingham and Donnington) and the touring car season being over (which consumed my weekends) I felt the need to search for something in Essex to get me excited!

First stop was The Warren Classic which was way bigger than I expected. It had loads of gorgeous classics on show and then lots of gorgeous supercars for me to perve on! The atmosphere was fab with lots of families there as well as car enthusiasts. There was a few live music acts, lots of food places (noodles, burgers, beer) and a massive monster truck that allowed people to have rides!

Highlights were definitely seeing Archie Hamilton's new chrome purple wrap on his R8 for the first time (no idea why people dislike it?!), Josh Webster's M4, the supercar parade and the awesome display from Dub Customs including the TVR T350C! Not to mention the weather was amazing! Nothing better than cars in the sunshine!

Next up was the car meet at The Castle pub in Great Leighs in Chelmsford. There was a great variety of cars on show and the coffee and pastries on offer to everyone was a bonus! This was the first one of these that I have been to however I believe they are fairly regular and are often at The Hare pub also. As you can see from the photo's there is a great mix of cars and also ages of owners. My personal favourite: The Nissan 370z! I have an obsession with them (that and the 350z) and I would be happy with either!!

There are some great cars in Essex, and if you are in the right place at the right time you can find them! Head along to a car meet soon and have a look for yourself! I'll be keeping you all updated with other meets, trips to car places over the next few months and any car related stuff I can think of!

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